New in Lightworks 2021.2

Hot on the heels of the release of 2021.1 comes… 2021.2. This release focuses on improvements in performance working with HEVC/H.265 media allowing you to create 1080p proxies from 4K media but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still packed with some great new features that make Lightworks even better.

Main Features:

Sequence Export Improvements

Lightworks 2021.3 - Sequence Export

This latest release adds intelligence to the export panel allowing you to easily see what format option your sequence can be exported as, even allowing you to export if the exact sequence frame rate is not allowed/supported.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Sequence Export tooltip

Any export options that cannot generate the chosen aspect ratio are now clearly marked in red on the export panel and if chosen, show a helpful explanatory message regarding what will happen.

Transition Appearance Improvements

Lightworks 2021.2 shows a much better representation of the transition and what media is available on either side of the cut. The image below shows the standard transition over two clips that have enough media available:

Lightworks 2021.2 - Transition (old)

In previous versions of Lightworks (prior to 2021.2) this would have looked the same had there not been enough media present. Lightworks now provides a clear indication that the incoming clip does not have enough media present to perform the transition (the red line and darker grey section) This indicates that playback will be incorrect over this section, giving you a clear warning that the effect needs adjustment.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Transition (new)

Subtitle Workflow

Lightworks 2021.2 - Subtitle Workflow

Using a combination of ranged Cue Markers and BITC (Burnt in Timecode) functionality now performs a subtitle workflow. Simply mark and park the section where you want the subtitle to appear and click the Cue Marker icon (keyboard shortcut 'm')

In the ‘Description’ field of the Cue Marker, type the text you want to appear.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Burnt in Timecode

Open the BITC tab, select the ‘Sequence’ subtab and enable the ‘Cue description’ label. This then displays the Cue Marker text on the sequence viewer which can be modified as desired, change the font, size, colour, background colour, position and more.

This can be done throughout the entire sequence and the best part is with 2021.2 you can now export the Cue Marker list as the Subtitle SRT format, which can be shared and imported into other applications such as Davinci Resolve.

Find: Clip References Improvements

One of the extremely powerful features of the Lightworks application is the ability to search through a sequence and generate results based purely on the search criteria, to either highlight the matches, create a bin of matches, or create an entirely new sequence that contains just the sections that match the search criteria, removing everything else.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Find: Clip References Lightworks 2021.2 - Find: Clip References - Results

In Lightworks 2021.2 the ‘Jump to’ options have been restored and new search criteria has been added to make it even easier to find or create results based on these new options:

  • All the Segments within your sequence with or without “Effects” can now be searched for and the results displayed as required. To narrow down the search simply deselect the Video or Audio tracks on the sequence timeline.
  • Need to see if there is media offline in a large sequence? Set the ‘Media’ search option to ‘Without’ select the “Create bin of matches’ results option and click ‘Search’ all the clips within the sequence that are missing media will appear within a new Bin, simply right click the bin and select: Media->Repair to fix all the offline media within the sequence.
  • Deactivated multiple clips within your sequence but you don’t remember which ones? Set the ‘Active’ search option to ‘No’ select the “Highlight matches’ results option and click ‘Search’ all the deactivated clips within the sequence will show with a yellow border, all of which can be reactivated with a single keypress.
  • Just want to see the segments within your sequence that contains Cue Markers? Set the ‘Cue Marker’ search option to ‘With’ select the ‘Create sequence of matches’ results option and click ‘Search’ A new sequence will be created instantly containing just the areas of the sequence where Cue Markers reside.

Set Default Frame Rate On Import

Lightworks 2021.3 - Set default frame-rate on Import

The flexibility that Lightworks Universal Projects brings allows any frame rate media to be imported into a project, but what if that media does not have a frame rate, how should it be handled?

Lightworks 2021.2 answers that question by allowing you to set the default frame rate for any media that doesn’t have a frame rate (audio only files, EDLs, Image Sequences etc).

Open the ‘Local Files’ library and right click the panel to reveal the ‘Import Commands’ panel, click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Default frame-rate’ and choose the frame rate required from the list of options. Once set, all files that import that do not have a native frame rate, will be correctly set to the frame rate chosen.

Improved the Batch Metadata panel

The Batch Metadata panel is a really fast and effective way of changing data within columns quickly and easily.

With Lightworks 2021.2 that flexibility has been extended even further to allow you to specify the name of another metadata field to copy text from (eg. ) within the ‘Value’ column. This is an extremely fast way of moving metadata between fields in huge chunks.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Batch Metadata panel

In the example shown here we want to copy the ‘Name’ of each clip into the ‘Description’ field in one go.

Highlight the clips in the bin, right click, select: Metadata->Batch update The Batch Metadata panel will open.

Tick the ‘Description’ field and then type the name of the field written within <> ie, as we want to copy the data in the ‘Name’ column into the ‘Description’ column.

Lightworks 2021.2 - Batch Metadata panel - action

Under the ‘Action’ column select how the data is to be entered, since we are replacing what is in that column, we need ‘Replace’ which can be selected from the dropdown menu. Click ‘Update’

Lightworks 2021.2 - Batch Metadata panel - description

The data will be copied from the ‘Name’ column into the ‘Description’ column immediately.

The Lightworks 2021.2 installer and release notes can be found in Downloads