Moderator Guidelines

Here are some Guidelines for Lightworks Moderators.

The Forum is Kunena, for Joomla.
Moderator's Tools are described here:'s_tools


If you suspect that a post is Spam, please "Report to Moderator" (to notify us), then "Delete". The offending post will no longer be public-visible and will appear greyed-out. Please do not delete permanently.

The webteam will block Reported users, which keeps them in the system but stops repeat registration using that email address. We collect IP addresses from deleted posts, in an effort to firewall-block repeat spammers.

You can delete an entire thread using "Delete Topic", located at the top and bottom of the page.

Moving a thread

Sometimes users will post in the wrong topic, or create a topic in the wrong category. If you believe that a post would be better suited in a different location, click the “Moderate” button below the post then under “Move to” change the Target Category or Target Topic. You can also change the Subject here, or by editing a post directly.

Editing a post

Common reasons to edit a post:

You can edit a post via the "Edit" button. If you remove any text, please add an explanatory note, e.g. “removed due to breach of forum rules - Forum Moderator” or similar. I would also recommend changing the colour of the text to red or green to draw attention. Please make sure when you edit a post, that the post has not been quoted in the thread, as this will also need editing. 

Locking a topic

If you believe that a topic has reached its conclusion, you can lock using the "Lock" button, located top and bottom left. If they haven"t already marked as [Solved], please do so.

For your consideration:


Thank you for helping us!