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Lightworks v11.5 Release Notes
This document summarizes upda
tes and fixes for prior limita
tions made to this release
of Lightworks, and which are not described in
the User or Installation Guides. See the
following sections:
“New Features in Version
11.5” on page 3
“Fixed in Version 11.5” on page 6
"Limitations and Known Problems in Version 11.5" on page 9
"Troubleshooting" on page 11
“Technical Support Contracts” on page 12
New Features in Version
This section summarizes th
e features that have been implemented in Lightworks
the following topics:
“Cross Platform Features” on page 3
“Windows Platform Features” on page 5
“Linux Distributions” on page 6
Cross Platform Features
• Added support for screen capture using the record panel (Pro version only) Work in
• Added support for Retina displays
• Added support for scal
user interface
• Added ability to change
interface co
ur scheme
• Added YouTube export option to the export panel for Windows, Mac and Linux
• Added AC3 audio decode support for Window
s, Mac and Linux (Windows filter
longer required)
• Added ability to export MXF OP1a MXF files (AVC-Intra RP2027 export option) (Pro
rsion only)
• Added ability to create Macr
os fr
om the Key Assignments panel (Pro version only)
• Added ability to search on
the Key
Assignments panel
• Added third tile size to tiles in
. Small, Medium and Large
• Added time-indicator strips to tiles (when you mouse-over)
• Added Curve effect to FX Color Correction effects
• Added ’Marked section’ opti
n to the export panel
• Added Sync Group improvements, a record edit can now be synced with the sync
• Added the ability to replace segments with
ternate clips by righ
t clicking (for edits
made from sync-groups)
New Features in Version 11.5
• Added new keybindable commands
for choosing next / prev alternate clips (for edits
made from sync-groups)
• Added ability to replace segments with al
ernate clips by dra
gging and dropping a
tile from the sync group to the edit viewer (for edits made from sync-groups)
• Added ability to generate a random edit based on users settings from the sync group
• Added ability to change the field or
der on SD
clips using the Filecard
• Added ability to drag and drop
a dissolv
e across a cut point
• Added magnetic snapping on all panels (this can be turned off in System Settings)
• Added 'bounds' to the
rner gradient effect
• Added new keybindable comman
d called
'Sync group' You
can now generate a sync-
group from a bin using only one item (it used to require at least two)
• Added ’Start time’ clip texts panel on edits
• Added thumbnails to the
key file browser
• Added Hardware device name to the vers
number on the project browser screen
• Added dynamic hardware swit
ching for AJA, Bla
Matrox devices and System
• Added keybindable command (’Add video tr
sition’) for applying a new video
transition using the last settings used
• Added Insert / Replace Console control functions to source viewers
• Added Delete / Remove Console control functions to record viewers
• Added AVCintra200 to suppo
ted formats for decode
• Added support for AVCHD 1080P50 / P59.94 export
• Added PAL interlaced as valid Blu-Ray
rmat and made NTSC interlaced only
• Added warning messages when closing Lightw
rks if background tasks are present
• Added the ability to se
t tooltip speed on th
e system-s
ettings menu
• Added mini progress-bar to show background
sks activity when the tasks page is
not visible
• Added ’Make sync group’ option to the Bin menu tool
• Added background image for
na display resolutions
• Added further improvements for mu
ltitrack trimming a
nd unjoining
• Added CRTL Z and CTRL Y as default for Undo
nd Redo in the Lightworks Prefs file.
(existing users will need to re-import the Lightworks.prefs file)
• Added Language Wording files
for: Spanish, Russi
an, Portug
uese, Italian,
German, French, Bengali, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Japanese and Chinese
• Added new welcome screen when
detecting an expired
• Added ability to monitor a background ta
Clicking the thumbnail of an active
background task now presents a large vie
w (subsequently clicking another task will
re-use the same large view)
• Added ability to Insert / Replac
e a source
into a record edit
if one is not open (a record
edit will automatically be opened and the source Inserted / Replaced)
• Introduced Rendering as a background task
• Introduced Import as a background task
• Introduced Export as a background task
• Introduced drawing audio waveforms as a background task

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