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Here you will be able to view the list of fixes/changes between Beta builds. Please pay particular attention to the "Limitations and Known problems" list, as this may change with each new build.

To submit feedback on issues you find in the Beta versions:

  • Please start a Forum thread using the appropriate link below based on the operating system you are testing on. The Forum will allow you to submit issues you find or discuss how the application should be working:

Please make sure you have searched for the issue before creating a new thread, this should help stop duplicate threads being created.

Cross Platform Features and Fixes Since 2021.1 Release Revision 126716

  • Added new keyboard shortcut commands
    • "Save current sequence frame" (which saves the frame from the current record sequence)
    • "Save current frame" (which saves the frame from the focus)
    • "Associates" (which opens the Associates tab for the current clip/sequence)
  • Added additional capabilities to the "Find-> Clip references' panel
    • Segments with/without "Effects" can now be searched for (can be narrowed down to just Video or Audio by deselecting the tracks)
    • Segments with/without "Media" can now be searched for
    • Segments with/without "Cue Markers" can now be searched for
    • Segments that are "Active" Yes/No can now be searched for
    • Restored the ability to 'Jump to next match' and 'Jump to previous match' options
  • Added ability to set the default frame rate for importable items which do not have a known frame-rate
  • Added 'Frame-rate' to the list of default table view Bin attributes
  • Added new hint when revealing the 'New project' panel for the first time in a Universal Project version of Lightworks
  • Improved the behaviour of Groups and Bins within the content manager
    • When expanding a group the list will try to avoid scrolling the bin list if possible
    • When contracting a group that houses the current bin now avoid switching to the last used bin
  • Improved Bin deletion panel to automatically select 'Bins' when right clicking a Bin in the content manager
  • Improved safe trimming to be aware of adjacent transitions
  • Improved behaviour when removing a broken dissolve not leaving behind broken media
  • Improved the visual representation of transitions on the sequence timeline
  • Expanded the set of frame rates that can be assigned to image sequences
  • Removed "Same as project" option on WAV export as no longer valid
  • Disabled the ability to make a proxy from an offline file
  • Fixed 'Hoover' function not displaying the correct results
  • Fixed local projects getting lost when using a shared project-space and the Lightworks Pro license is removed
  • Fixed the 'show timeline' command not respecting the default timeline position
  • Fixed the 'project details' keyboard shortcut not toggling the visibility of the project card on successive keypresses
  • Fixed Syncs showing the incorrect timecode in a bin to what is shown on the viewer timecode panel after upgrading a project
  • Fixed Bin not showing as highlighted in the content list when double clicking a bin shown in a search result
  • Fixed exports failing immediately when 'separate files' for the audio location is selected
  • Fixed broken dissolves after sliding an adjacent segment when 'safe trimming' is enabled
  • Fixed appearance issues on the batch metadata panel when selecting a tick box
  • Fixed crash dragging a bin to the desktop after performing a search (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed Search and replace panel losing the left side of the text when clicking into the Replace section
  • Fixed Bin search/replace not including custom metadata fields
  • Fixed audio node dragging aborting if the mouse is moved outside of the track area
  • Fixed segments on grouped tracks not showing as selected correctly when the track is disabled
  • Fixed inability to entering colour-correction luminance values via the keyboard
  • Fixed implicitly created source marks not necessarily appearing on frame boundaries
  • Fixed dropping a tile onto a bin name not causing any pre-existing bin item to be updated
  • Fixed incorrect appearance of the 'Simple 2D Shape' when applied over black
  • Fixed keyframes not showing on dissolves when enabled in the timeline
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when dragging/dropping a clip on the sequence timeline below the source viewer (Fixed layout)
  • Fixed timeline resize issues after dragging and dropping a sequence from a bin into the active sequence viewer (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed inability to change the frame rate of an image sequence on the batch import panel (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed 'Show bin search results in racks' option on the Searchcard not working (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed Search results containing bins not being restored correctly when re-entering a project
  • Fixed popped out tiles revealed on the desktop not showing the implicit marked sections
  • Fixed appearance of the selected codec on the Render panel
  • Fixed potential crash clicking on segment speed in the timeline
  • Fixed incorrect display of Audio Network clip thumbnails until clicked on
  • Fixed redundant cut being left behind when removing a transition
  • Fixed potential crash when attempting to add assets to a new bin
  • Fixed inaccurate display of segment speed in the timeline
  • Fixed incorrect sequence frame rate on AAF imports/exports
  • Fixed failure closing the last Search bin (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed crash closing an orphaned filecard (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed incorrect audio playback on high frame rate media
  • Fixed 'Drag in black' not working on FX tracks
  • Fixed issues attempting to edit the 'Elapsed' time on viewers
  • Fixed 'Find clip references' not working with still images in the sequence
  • Fixed inability to delete a Bin when right clicking the bin area
  • Fixed the Effects panel opening incorrectly after previously being resized
  • Fixed inability to drag and drop an image sequence to a bin
  • Fixed potentially a long delay entering very large projects
  • Fixed MXF track coalescing not working when importing

macOS Specific Features and Fixes Since 2021.1 Release Revision 126716

  • Fixed Status Window no longer showing any information or updates
  • Fixed error.log showing the incorrect version number of macOS (10.16) when it should be 11.0

Windows Specific Features and Fixes Since 2021.1 Release Revision 126716

  • Fixed potential failure to launch the application due to WASAPI audio
  • Fixed uninstaller failing to fully remove the application
  • Fixed issues with outputting PsF/P with Matrox and AJA hardware

Linux Specific Features and Fixes Since 2021.1 Release Revision 126716

  • Fixed appearance of wording when running the .DEB installer

Cross Platform Limitations and Known Issues

  • Audio may be missing halfway through some GoPro samples
  • Proxy images may have incorrect black bars surrounding the image
  • Some proxy files generated from H.265/HEVC media may be incorrect
  • Issues generating proxy files from 4k media with codecs other than H.264
  • Contour ShuttlePROs will not work unless you duplicate the 'Lightworks' settings in their app and then point it at the current Beta app/bundle
  • Prints containing multiple V tracks and DVEs used will not display correctly in a sequence
  • DVEs may change position when switching to a different sequence output
  • MXF, AVI and MOV export options have an incorrect mix of PAL and NTSC options
  • H.264/MP4 exports at 23.98fps show the audio sync is half a frame out
  • PAL/NTSC source files thumbnails/viewers may not play out on the hardware I/O
  • Freeze frames in sequences exported to AAF will be ignored in Adobe Premiere (XML works)
  • Proxy files will not be created for files shorter than one second in length when set to H.264
  • Potential crash if attempting to export an image sequence from a sequence containing 16-bit DPX files
  • Media can appear offline after removing a media space with the import panel open
  • Some MTS files will show pixelation on the start frames.
  • Video analysis tool appears through the FX configuration panel when configuring a colour correction effect
  • Audio monitor delay setting will not be accounted for during export
  • AVID DNxHD 10bit encode is not possible
  • There is no support for importing .WMV files
  • Make sure any other applications are closed before attempting to install Lightworks
  • You will not be able to transcode 1080p 60fps files on import to AVID DNxHD
  • Blu-ray VC1 export does not generate a valid file. It imports back as Sound only
  • Audio on exported AVCHD files cannot be played by Windows Media Player it is just mute

Limitations and Known Problems on Mac 10.9 (Mavericks) and Higher

  • Potential loss of output clicking the voice over icon on a sequence with AJA hardware enabled
  • Any users running Macbook Pros MUST disable "Automatic graphics switching" under "Energy Saver" in the "System Preferences"
  • Lightworks supports all OS X versions from 10.9 (Mavericks) onwards
  • There is no H.264 MOV export
  • There is no Quicktime/MPEG4 export option
  • There is no Apple ProRes 4444 export option
  • There is no support for Matrox I/O hardware
  • The shared project feature is not currently working
  • Video overlay may change brightness on playback when running dual monitor setups
  • MTS playback may be poor

Limitations and Known Problems (Windows 64bit)

  • There is no QuickTime Movie/MPEG4 import/export via Apple SDK
  • After Effects plugins are not supported

Limitations and Known Problems (Linux 64bit)

Please uninstall any previous Beta build before installing a new one

Tested distros (Other distributions may work, but have not been tested):

  • Debian Distros:

    • Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xbuntu 20.04 and higher
    • Mint 17
  • RPM Distros:

    • Fedora 30 and higher
  • There is no Quicktime Movie/MPEG4 export option
  • ATI and Nvidia cards are supported. LWKS recommends Nvidia for the best performance
  • There is no FX plugin support
  • Do not use linux default GFX driver. If you experience the viewer playing at a reduced size then the Linux default graphics driver is installed. Please make sure the Nvidia driver is loaded an the system is restarted

Limitations and Known Issues With Matrox Hardware I/O (Windows only)

  • If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using MXO2 will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough the captures using MXO2 will stop with a "dropped-frame" message

Limitations and Known Issues With Blackmagic Hardware I/O (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)

  • Input or Output only devices cannot be used. Lightworks requires both an Input and an Output to be present on the device.
  • The SDI output may flash when stopping playback if set to an interlaced output
  • Audio monitor level control has no effect on Blackmagic recordings
  • You will not be able to view video on the Blackmagic output if Precision is set to 10bit. Change to 8bit
  • There will be no audio playback when the project card is set to 1080p59.94

Limitations and Known Issues With AJA Hardware I/O (Windows and Mac OS X)

  • Audio monitor level control has no effect on AJA recording
  • There is no E-E when using the KONA LHi during recording
  • If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using AJA devices will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough the captures using AJA devices will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • On Kona 3G SDI 1 output must be used with Windows 32bit and SDI 2 output must be used with Windows 64bit

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