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Welcome to the Version 14.6 Beta page

Here you will be able to view the list of fixes/changes between Beta builds. Please pay particular attention to the "Limitations and Known problems" list, as this may change with each new build.

To submit feedback on issues you find in the Beta versions:

  • Please start a Forum thread using the appropriate link below based on the operating system you are testing on. The Forum will allow you to submit issues you find or discuss how the application should be working:

Please make sure you have searched for the issue before creating a new thread, this should help stop duplicate threads being created. The more feedback we get, the faster we can resolve issues.

Cross Platform Fixes and Features Since Beta Revision 115357

  • Added ability to select multiple segments on the sequence timeline right-click and choose 'Add' or 'Remove' (if there are any effects to remove)
  • Added ability to lasso clips in the sequence timeline
  • Added ability to resize keyframe graphs using CTRL and mouse wheel
  • Added ability to create a bin when dragging multiple clips to the + icon
  • Added ability to use 'x' for deleting selected timeline segments and 'z' for removing
  • Added same VFX widgets to the EQ parameter adjustments
  • Added new 'Blur' effect (based on a user-created shader) The old Blur has been renamed to 'Fast Blur'
  • Added a progress bar when rebuilding the project cache
  • Improved the speed of reading a folder containing large amounts of archive folders
  • Improved the thumbnail handling on the import panel to behave the same as normal bins
  • Fixed keyframe buttons always being active on the keyframe graphs panel
  • Fixed keyframe graph scaling not taking into account the values outside the allowed range
  • Fixed 'View in new browser window' option not working when right clicking a Bin (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed the marked region shown on the sequence timeline ruler not updating reliably
  • Fixed 'Reveal bins' not working as expected
  • Fixed handling of hold/tap keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed XML exports with clips set to -200% (Reverse) showing in Premiere as +200%
  • Fixed imported images not appearing in a search filter
  • Fixed 'Reveal imports in search filter' option not working until you re-enter the project
  • Fixed search results created by revealing imports in search filters not persisting
  • Fixed 'Target region' text being greyed out on the VFX panel
  • Fixed moving clips between bins not working
  • Fixed unusual empty areas appearing in sequences
  • Fixed duplicate FX nodes appearing following video routing disconnection
  • Fixed the timeline position indicator staying yellow after exiting trim mode
  • Fixed incorrect sequence timeline thumbnail images on narrow segments with only one end unjoined
  • Fixed exported files having enhanced contrast added when compared with the original file
  • Fixed incorrect colour on .MOV sample files
  • Fixed poor performance playing back AVCHD media
  • Fixed potential hang transcoding a file to Cineform AVI/MOV
  • Fixed duplicate 'Room 1' being created when restoring a project archive
  • Fixed Gradient effect not working as expected when it has no input
  • Fixed sequence timeline segments not being selectable when the sequence is a source
  • Fixed incorrect modification date on sequences created via 'clip references/sequence of matches'
  • Fixed Clipboard marks not being present after a Remove/Delete
  • Fixed the 'Trim >' popout menu not being wide enough for its contents
  • Fixed black flashes and distortion playing back XDCAM EX media
  • Fixed crash clicking the cogs icon on an added EQ effect
  • Fixed first frame showing incorrect thumbnail image on orientated phone footage
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio on the first frame of M2T/M2TS files
  • Fixed implicit soft audio cuts being applied to redundant cuts
  • Fixed incorrect soft audio cut setting on newly created projects
  • Fixed timeline marker jumping to the incorrect position when trimming at tail of a clip
  • Fixed incorrect tile image when dragging a still image from the import panel to the desktop (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnail image when dragging a clip from a user created bin
  • Fixed 'Track swap' causing circular effect routing
  • Fixed redraw issues closing a search tab (Flexible layout)
  • Fixed AAF exports imported into Resolve 15 showing all media as "Offline"
  • Fixed decoding of AVID DNxHD media
  • Fixed digital noise (clicks) when playing back AC3 audio
  • Fixed potential crash opening a project containing a corrupt sequence
  • Fixed missing Pond5/Audio-Network thumbnail images
  • Fixed potential crash importing all search results from a Pond5/Audio Network query
  • Fixed odd behaviour when trimming with deselected tracks
  • Fixed potential crash opening a bin of Blackmagic RAW files
  • Fixed drop-down menus appearing off the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed potential crash when changing the speed of the track
  • Disabled logging database recording (Flexible layout)

Mac OS X Specific Fixes and Features Beta Revision 115357

  • N/A

Windows Specific Fixes and Features Beta Revision 115357

  • Added a message on startup if the sound device fails to initialise
  • Fixed Apple ProRes encoded files no longer playing back correctly
  • Fixed RED R3D samples failing to decode and show a thumbnail
  • Fixed missing 'Lightworks' Start menu shortcut

Linux Specific Fixes and Features Since Beta Revision 115357

  • N/A

Cross Platform Limitations and Known Issues

  • There may be digital audio noise when playing from the very start of an MTS file
  • There will be no thumbnail images on the Room list in Flexible layout
  • Proxy files will not be created for files shorter than one second in length when set to H.264
  • Potential crash if attempting to export an image sequence from a sequence containing 16-bit DPX files
  • Some MTS files will show pixelation on the start frames.
  • There is currently no way of searching for Groups
  • The screen capture function is not currently working
  • CDDA ripping is no longer available
  • Potential crash importing QTRef files
  • Potential crash importing WMV files
  • Audio monitor delay setting will not be accounted for during export
  • There is no Firewire support
  • AVID DNxHD 10bit encode is not possible
  • Make sure any other applications are closed before attempting to install Lightworks
  • .VOB files appear as "Sound" only on the import panel, but yet import with picture. Performance will be slow
  • Image quality on playback may be poor when project card set to NTSC Fields
  • Blu-ray VC1 export does not generate a valid file. It imports back as Sound only
  • Audio on exported AVCHD files cannot be played by Windows Media Player it is just mute
  • The Record panel format must match the output format for successful recording to take place

Limitations and Known Problems on Mac 10.9 (Mavericks) and Higher

  • There is no ability to Import or Export .BMP image sequences
  • Any users running Macbook Pros MUST disable "Automatic graphics switching" under "Energy Saver" in the "System Preferences"
  • Lightworks will only run and 10.9 (Mavericks) and above
  • There is no H.264 MOV export
  • There is no Quicktime/MPEG4 export option
  • There is no FX Plugin support
  • There is no .WMV import
  • There is no Apple ProRes 4444 export option
  • There is no support for Matrox I/O hardware
  • The shared project feature is not currently working
  • Video overlay may change brightness on playback when running dual monitor setups
  • MTS playback may be poor

Limitations and Known Problems (Windows 32bit)

  • If the Matrox VFW codecs are installed on a Windows 8/8.1 system then you will not be able to open the export panel. Please uninstall the VFW codecs for the time being
  • Image on viewers and SDI output may look very poor on old ATI graphics card when set to 10-bit precision

Limitations and Known Problems (Windows 64bit)

  • There is no QuickTime Movie/MPEG4 import/export via Apple SDK
  • Premiere and After Effects plugins are not supported

Limitations and Known Problems (Linux 64bit)Audio content analysis is disabled

Limitations and Known Problems (Linux 64bit)

Please uninstall any previous Beta build before installing a new one

Tested distros (Other distributions may work, but have not been tested):

  • Debian Distros:

    • Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xbuntu 17.10
    • Mint 17
  • RPM Distros:

    • Fedora 28 and higher
  • There is no Quicktime Movie/MPEG4 export option
  • There is no Mackie Audio Mixer support
  • There is no .WMV import
  • ATI and Nvidia cards are supported. EditShare recommends Nvidia for the best performance
  • Fraps AVIs will not import
  • There is no FX plugin support
  • No audio imported from OMFs (that do have embedded audio)
  • Audio may not be present on some Uncompressed AVIs
  • Do not use linux default GFX driver. If you experience the viewer playing at a reduced size then the Linux default graphics driver is installed. Please make sure the Nvidia driver is loaded an the system is restarted

Limitations and Known Issues With Matrox Hardware I/O (Windows only)

  • If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using MXO2 will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough the captures using MXO2 will stop with a "dropped-frame" message

Limitations and Known Issues With Blackmagic Hardware I/O (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X)

  • Input or Output only devices cannot be used. Lightworks requires both an Input and an Output to be present on the device.
  • The SDI output may flash when stopping playback if set to an interlaced output
  • Audio monitor level control has no effect on Blackmagic recordings
  • You will not be able to view video on the Blackmagic output if Precision is set to 10bit. Change to 8bit
  • There will be no audio playback when the project card is set to 1080p59.94

Limitations and Known Issues With AJA Hardware I/O (Windows and Mac OS X)

  • Audio monitor level control has no effect on AJA recording
  • There is no E-E when using the KONA LHi during recording
  • If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using AJA devices will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough the captures using AJA devices will stop with a "dropped-frame" message
  • On Kona 3G SDI 1 output must be used with Windows 32bit and SDI 2 output must be used with Windows 64bit

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