Welcome to the Version 12 Beta page.

Here you will be able to view the list of fixes/changes between Beta builds. Please pay particular attention to the "Limitations and Known problems" list, as this will change with each new build.

To submit feedback on issues you find in the Beta versions:

  • Firstly identify whether your issue is happening repeatedly or not. If you continue to experience the same issue doing the same steps, please directly submit a ticket using the Redmine ticketing system:

  • If your issue is not repeatable or you are unsure about how the application should be working, please first discuss the issue in the relevant category on the Lightworks Beta Forum section:

  • If your thread in the Forum concludes as an issue within the Beta version, please sumarise the thread and enter a ticket in the Redmine ticketing system:

You will be able to sign in using your Lightworks Username and Password, if you are already signed in to the Lightworks Website you will be automatically signed in to Redmine. Detailed instructions on submitting useful information can be found on the Wiki page. Please make sure you have searched for the issue before submitting a ticket, this should help stop duplicate tickets being submitted. The more feedback we get, the faster we can resolve issues.

Cross Platform Fixes and Features Since 12.6.b Beta:

  • Fixed incorrect frame rate being identified on .MOV sample files
  • Fixed bin names not being overwritten correctly when copying groups from one project to another
  • Fixed ability to copy a group containing an empty bin to another project

Mac OS X Specific Fixes and Features Since 12.6.b Beta:

  • Fixed panels appearing behind the video image after frame stepping using the Console

Windows Specific Fixes and Features Since 12.6.b Beta:

  • N/A

Linux Specific Fixes and Features Since 12.6.b Beta:

  • N/A

Changelog archive:


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