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Lightworks is more than just a software application. It was revolutionary when it was first released twenty five years ago, and now it’s at the heart of another revolution. It’s been completely rewritten with cutting edge technology and is the first tri-platform professional NLE on Windows Mac and Linux.

But there’s much more to Lightworks than the software. Since the release of the Windows Beta version in 2010, over four million users have registered with Lightworks, with nearly four thousand unique activations every day.

By registering on www.lwks.com, you enter a relationship with us, and it is important that you understand the nature of that relationship, which is explained in the Terms and Conditions below.

Privacy and Communication

EditShare and the Lightworks Team respect your privacy. Any information that you provide during registration is for internal use only. We will not share your personal details with third parties.

By registering on this site you are gaining membership to the Lightworks Community and are agreeing to the following:

  • We are granted permission to set browser cookies, in accordance with EU law.
  • We are granted permission to send ‘system’ emails containing information pertinent to your membership and licensing, from ‘@lwks.com’ to your registered email address.
  • Your registered email address will be included in our mailing lists for both Lightworks News and Lightworks Offers.
  • Your address will also be included in the mailing list for our industry news online magazine - RedShark (www.redsharknews.com).


Managing your email

a) System emails
‘System’ emails are defined as ‘emails pertaining directly to the user’s lwks.com account’, and these are triggered by either by user-action (such as registration-completion / order-confirmation / forum-thread subscription) or by the licensing system (e.g. license expiry warnings). It is not possible to unsubscribe from ‘system’ emails, other than by account deletion.

b) Campaign List emails
You can unsubscribe from non-essential campaign lists: Lightworks News/Offers and RedShark News at any time, via several methods:
1. Change your Account Settings, via the link on your lwks.com profile page.
2. Click on the ‘Manage your email subscription’ link included in every campaign email.
3. Click on the ‘Unsubscribe from all Lightworks communications’ link included in every campaign email.

c) Forum emails
Participating in a forum thread, or creating a topic, will automatically subscribe you to that topic - you will receive notification emails to alert you to responses. You can unsubscribe from topics by visiting the thread and clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button located immediately above the message-list.

d) Community emails
If you join a community group you might receive announcements from that group’s administrator. If you participate in a group-discussion, you will receive discussion notifications. Currently there’s no way to stop these notifications, other than to leave the group.

If you have any concerns, please contact webteam@lwks.com who will be happy to assist.

Lightworks Community Ethos

“The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement”

The Lightworks Forum and Community features are provided to enable Lightworks members and Forum users to communicate and exchange information, knowledge and views between individuals and the entire Community.

We want to encourage a positive, optimistic tone, (except in circumstances where it would be either inappropriate or misleading) and posts, where possible, should be informative and accurate. We want this to be fun, and the Forum and Community should reflect this.

Lightworks Forum

The Lightworks Forum is the first place to go when you have questions about any version of Lightworks, if you do not have a support contract with EditShare.

The scope of the Forum is limited to discussions about Lightworks, related software and equipment (such as cameras, computers, storage and I/O that might be used with Lightworks) as well as editing techniques and other areas of technology that may be of interest.

The Forum may be used to discuss the merits of Lightworks in comparison with other products, but you must comply with the rules (below) about accuracy, respect and appropriate language.

Lightworks Users should visit the Forum and search for answers to their questions. If searching is not successful then posting a question will normally result in a prompt reply from either an experienced Lightworks user, or an EditShare employee.

Please make sure that you search the Forum thoroughly before posting a question, because while the vast majority of users are patient and willing to help, you are unlikely to get much response if the question has been answered many times already.

Inaccuracy and defamation

You must not post inaccurate or defamatory information about the Lightworks or EditShare on Internet forums, blogs or web pages. We welcome the reporting of views on Lightworks, good or bad, but we want to limit the spread of misinformation - malicious or otherwise. It is a condition of use that you do not spread misinformation and that if you are uncertain about any aspect EditShare’s products, services or publications you contact us first.

Unsubstantiated and nonconstructive criticism

You must not make unsubstantiated claims or otherwise speak negatively about Lightworks or any other manufacturer's product without substantiating your comment. For example, if you think that a product is “unusable”, then you must say how it is unusable, for you, in your context.

Politeness and Respectfulness

You must always be polite in your Forum and Community posts. However much you disagree with someone, you must address them politely. For example, nobody is “an idiot”. You may say, however, that you “are surprised that someone could hold such a view in the light of X, Y or Z.” You should be polite and respectful even to EditShare’s competitors.

Equality and Fairness

We will not allow any content or communication that contravenes EditShare’s own policies, which are, in summary, that there must be no submissions or communications that explicitly or by implication suggest inequality or disadvantage based on race, religion, sexual orientation or disability (handicap). Any content submitted that contravenes these rules will not be accepted and the originator will be banned from the Community and Forum. Where political views are expressed, they must be relevant to the industry and must be clearly flagged as the opinion of the author and not EditShare. Overt political grandstanding will not be acceptable.


Your contributions must not be unduly negative. The Ethos of the Forum is that it is positive and helpful. If you are having problems, then please ask questions in a respectful way.

“This product is rubbish” and “[Some company] doesn’t know what it’s doing”. Are not acceptable.

“I haven’t been able to make this work for me. Can anyone help?” and “I think I must have misunderstood this, because I can’t see how it’s supposed to work. What does anyone else think?” are acceptable.

Posts that are considered to be unduly negative will be edited or possibly removed by a Moderator.

Language and content

The Forum and Community are available worldwide, and have a very large number of users, young and old, and from widely different cultural backgrounds. Please be mindful of this. We will edit posts that we consider inappropriate. We have to ensure that language and content is appropriate for a very wide range of users.

Advice disclaimer

EditShare does not guarantee that it will give a response for any given issue, and any advice given is only as good as the information that EditShare receives from the user.

While we will always endeavour to be helpful, EditShare does not take any responsibility for the consequences of advice or information given anywhere on the Lightworks Forum or in the Community.

EditShare does not take responsibility for the consequences of any advice or any content whatsoever posted by non-EditShare employees.

As a Forum user or Community member, you have no legal redress to any advice given either by EditShare or other Community Members or Forum users.


All public posts and communications on the Forum and Community will be monitored by Moderators, the body of which is made up of volunteers from the Lightworks Community, and Administrators, made up of EditShare employees. All have the facility to move, edit and delete any post and lock any thread.

Contravention of the Forum terms of use will result in posts being edited or deleted and an explanatory warning will be issued. If contraventions are severe or frequent enough, then topics or posts can be deleted and Community members or Forum users banned without notification.

Pro and Edu license owners contravening the Forum terms may find their forum rights blocked without recourse to a refund. The ability to use a paid-for license will be unaffected.

Members who are banned or in other ways restricted from using the Forum may contact webteam@lwks.com to discuss their case, and if the Administrators conclude that the contravention was either unintentional or caused by a genuine misunderstanding, the Member may be reinstated.

EditShare firmly supports the right to freedom of discussion and will in no way restrict, as long as these terms and conditions are followed by users. We hope that you enjoy your experiences with Lightworks and look forward to your participation in the Community!

Termination and Deletion

You can contact us at webteam@lwks.com any time should you wish to terminate your account. On termination of your account EditShare shall make reasonable efforts to make such account inaccessible and cease use of it. However, you acknowledge and agree that removed data may persist in backups or caches for a reasonable period of time and copies of or references to the account may not be entirely removed (due to the commercial nature of the service).

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