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TOPIC: How to change an image in a video-miniature ……

Re: How to change an image in a video-miniature …… 3 months, 1 week ago #191342

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and also - note the difference in behaviours between Content Manager Bins and Filters.

Bins are the easy to navigate repository of clips, subclips and Sequences in any combination of those objects and generally used in the process of editing. The value of bins is further enhanced by the ability to place bins into 'Groups'.

For items in Bins the image shown in CM list and tile views is the frame on which the cursor is parked. These positions remain until they are changed the user. This is not merely a single nominated 'poster frame' it is a dynamic concept with which one can remain in touch with the last used section of the item.

Filters are searches of the underlying basic Content Manager data, operational marks and position in filters are volatile, they do not survive exit/entry of a project.

If one feels the need to always see the same poster frame it would be possible to place a Clip or Sequence cue at that frame and jump to that cue as necessary. Since cues are embedded into the clip metadata they do survive in Content Manager searches.

(As an exercise - have just restored a project archived more than 5 years ago. Bin clips are still parked on cursor positions - have no way of proving it but it seems certain they are on the frame where they were at the time of archiving. LW is a very robust and sensible system)
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