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TOPIC: Audio is out of sync only in Lightworks??

Audio is out of sync only in Lightworks?? 1 year, 6 months ago #180796

All right, I’m at the end of my rope and I’m hoping someone here can help me. I currently have 6 clips that I’m trying to edit into one cohesive video. I started with the 4 clips I started editing a couple of days ago. Clip #1 worked fine, I had no problems, clip #2’s audio was completely out of sync (like, anime out of sync, the words didn’t match my mouth at all), and clips #3 and #4 were also completely fine—it’s also worth noting that all 4 clips were filmed at the same time. After a quick google search, I gathered that I most likely had filmed using a variable frame rate and downloaded a program called Handbrake to fix it. Didn’t work. So at this point, I decided to refilm. In come clips #5 and #6. I edited #5 and it was working fine but then when it came time to add #6, the audio was out of sync just like in clip #2—and clips #5 and #6 were both filmed in the same take, my camera just split them into two files when I went to take them off my memory card. I tried editing the audio in Lightworks, I tried using Handbrake again, I restarted my computer, I deleted and re-imported the clips into Lightworks, AND I CAN NOT FIGURE IT OUT. My videos were filmed with a constant frame rate at the same time, the audio and video clips are both as long as one another, AND they play perfectly fine in Windows media player, it’s only when I load these certain two clips into Lightworks that they totally mess up and I can not figure out why. Please help!!

Re: Audio is out of sync only in Lightworks?? 1 year, 6 months ago #180798

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Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, you're not providing enough information. Please follow the directions in this sticky, so that users can see the technical details of your camera video.


Also, could you provide the specification of your computer.
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