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TOPIC: Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution

Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution 5 years, 8 months ago #82497

  • Wim
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  • 5 years, 8 months ago
A small group of Lightwork hobbyists in the Netherlands (70+ and more than half a century active with our hobby), produced a promo for the Dutch Lifeboat Organization KNRM which celebrates it's 190th year birthday in november 2014.

The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij, abbreviated: KNRM) is an independent, unsubsidised organisation in the Netherlands tasked with saving lives at sea. For that purpose it maintains 42 lifeboat stations along the Dutch coast of the North Sea and Wadden Sea and on the IJsselmeer.
The KNRM also operates the Dutch Radio Medical Service (a task taken over from the Dutch Red Cross on January 1, 1999) and provides medical advice by radio all over the world, to about 900 ships each year.

Once a year the KNRM organises its national open day, a great opportunity to actively get to know more about the work, the professional volunteers and equipment of the KNRM.
In 2013 we filmed during the open day at one of the stations with a script around 3 questions: 1) What brings a man or woman to be a contributor, 2) Which motives has a man or woman (KNRM has them also in active service at sea) to do this work which can bring you in dangerous situations and 3) What feelings has somebody after his life has been saved by the KNRM?

Unfortunately the film is Dutch spoken and takes approx. 23 minutes. YouTube is not a suitable medium for this long production, but we hope the KNRM is using the film in promotion meetings to show the answers to the 3 questions of which nr. 1 and 2 are answered until 12:30. From that point the film gives the touching story of a professional pilot/airphotografer Herman IJsseling. He was saved by the KNRM after a crash with his plane in the North Sea, where he was found in a thick fog 50 km offshore after 2,5 hours being alone with a dead pilot/colleague and porpoises around him.
The film has been presented to the KNRM in a cinema, where there was a breathless hush from the point 12:30 during the fascinating interview Herman IJsseling was able to give only 4 months after his traumatic accident.
The KNRM has uploaded our production to their YouTube channel, you'll find the film on: youtu.be/RrlM-9Hnsvk
Cheers, Wim

Re: Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution 5 years, 8 months ago #82513

  • asilnevs
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  • 5 years, 8 months ago
Hey Wim
Ik heb het filmpje met veel belangstelling bekeken. Heel mooi gedaan en zelfs jij komt er in voor
Daar heb je veel tijd ingestoken voor deze montage vermoed ik.
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Re: Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution 5 years, 8 months ago #82515

  • Wim
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  • 5 years, 8 months ago
You are right, it was a multicam(4)-edit and this was my first "bigger" project in Lightworks. But besides that it was a challenge to find footage about the crash of the Dakota in 1996. You will have seen that from approx 11:00. Thanks for the compliment. Cheers Wim

Re: Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution 5 years, 4 months ago #88776

  • avoloreloxop
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  • 5 years, 4 months ago
Omdat het een Engelstalig forum is ga ik toch even over op Engels .

I was surprised to read there is a community of 70 Lightworks enthousiasts in The Netherlands by the way (I'm Dutch myself to, so).

Good sound! Great that you used a seperate microphone.

But I was wondering why you shot some pieces of the video and interviews with more than one camera?
The reason I ask is because the amount of head-room deviates a lot from shot to shot (especially during the interview with the Flying Focus photographer).
I'm not sure, but the amount of contrast seems to differ from camera to camera to, just like the white-balance.

There also needs to be a relationship in "dominance" between the size of the person you are interviewing and the person asking questions.
Cutting away to a shot where the reporter is filling the frame compared to the shot of the guest who is pictured a lot smaller, tells the viewer about a certain relationship (the woman pictured larger is "more important" than the guest).

The way you can cut away to your interviewer with these kind of interviews is perfectly do-able with one camera (which eliminates the need to synchronise them).
You record the complete interview and either through a stand-in or the guest you interviewed you let your reporter repeat a couple of questions which you can cut away to in your edit or you start a simple conversation about the weather, which will cause your reporter to nod, as a sign of agreement or as a way of showing that she understands what someone was going through.
No one but you will know that those questions are basically a small theatrical piece.

In a couple of interviews with the rescue-crew I would've tried to create more depth in the shot by placing them somewhere on the right or left with one of their vehicles in the background.
It doesn't need to be out of focus, but creating a relationship with the profession of the person you are interviewing with something in the background is quite powerful in order for people who (for some reason) are watching without sound or anything, can quickly see "Aah, he is working at a rescue station!"

The shots in the Flying Focus interview with the reporter and guest are looking at each other while they are equally as large is a great shot to change to when you want to change to your reporter (or if you want to cause people to decide which party (reporter or guest) they like best or with which they can best relate to).

In a lot of interviews there were quite long shots in which the camera showed someones ear because the camera was viewing them to much from the side.

I can remember the crash of the Dakota quite well, seeing video from after the crash send chills down my spine again.
Two weeks before the crash I flew with the same plane and can still recall how the phone rang at our house immediately after the 8 o'clock news mentioned the crash with the historic plane (family was worried we might have been on it).
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Re: Promo for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution 5 years, 2 months ago #91239

  • Wim
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  • 5 years, 2 months ago
Hi avoloreloxop,

I didn´t read your reply until today but I´ve read it now with great interest.
I like to comment to two aspects of your post and first of all the number 70+. This was not the Dutch community (I wished it was a fact) but I referred to the average age of our small group of 4 enthousiasts.

The other point is that your explanation of the "dominance" of the "wrong" person in several shots is absolutely true. We did'nt give enough attention to that aspect. I remember one shot particularly and you mentioned it also where the reporter is filling the frame; this was more or less inevitable. In the original picture the position of the reporter was absolutely wrong i.e. she was at approx. 1/3 from the left side and she had to be 1/3 from the rigt side. The guest was left, so I had to zoom in and reposition her. The result was as you rightly describe as (much) too dominant.
We will discuss the other suggestions you made in our group, but I thank you for instructive ideas. Cheers, Wim
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