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TOPIC: The Search for Captain Lucas

The Search for Captain Lucas 4 years, 6 months ago #112630

  • pechara
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  • 4 years, 6 months ago
Here is my latest edit. The largest and most complex project I have filmed and then edited in Lightworks to date. As always, comments welcome. https://youtu.be/LabklkdfEWM
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Re: The Search for Captain Lucas 4 years, 6 months ago #112715

  • RWAV
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  • 4 years, 6 months ago
Have liked your previous work and so too this piece. You shoot and particularly cut in a personal style which progresses the narrative quite effectively and this is not the place to quibble about this or that moment or development. This is a very competent docco with a coherent narrative shot under heroic and difficult environmental conditions, however, in my view it is not up to the story-telling depth of your "Bernie's Trees" piece, that's still the best of your work I've seen.

When we reached the 'image in the snow' section it immediately opened a window on of the loopy searches for the mythological Noah's Ark based on rock formations on mountains and how that might play out in this circumstance. That made me sit up and take notice, feeling sure this was about to develop into a story. Then the fatal error the 'image in the snow' is the film-maker's obsession, not the film's subjects'. Gone then was any chance for probing objectivity, for taking the story on a journey based on day to day discoveries while shooting the images and interviewing the subjects.

Without lengthy elaboration, time and time again the film shows glimpses into the main characters, and indeed the forest which can arguably be cast as the antagonist of the piece; we see a number of story and character possibilities that seem forfeited as soon as sighted.

As for many docco's it's possible the shooting schedule commands the main pieces-to-camera be shot in one sitting. The really great story telling doccos are either meticulously planned perhaps even story-boarded or hyper-responsive on a minute to minute basis to the content being shot. Watching this one I have the distinct feeling that every day was like every other, the process was not being informed by the the film-makers's instincts. Having said all that - which may well sound harsh - it remains a very good docco with an interesting localised narrative but misses the mark as a universally accessible human story.
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Re: The Search for Captain Lucas 4 years, 6 months ago #113415

  • lghtwrks
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  • 4 years, 6 months ago
technical - well done
"l,j cuts" story
all inserts, very prof. - focus/blur on depth ...
geo gfx: 1A

1st jump cut @ the start, don't know why this got in ... (probably better dissolve)
@ 14:33 key out the whole little tree - seems they were interacting ,-)
again at 17:24+, probably just a cam prob
if wipes: could be synced (faster) on some (next) frames
car drive: probably a motion blur (looks just "fast") added (start with motion blur and gets in focus)
18:30+ - "what they are" (some action/work inside shots - probably not eating ,-) + some shots of "working on topic"

good work

ps. hopefully the world (ppl.) gets better and "rescue missions" are a thing of the past ...
currently - it does not look like that happens soon ...
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