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TOPIC: Lightworks not licensed despite payment being made.

Re: Lightworks not licensed despite payment being made. 1 year, 10 months ago #183922

  • hugly
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  • 1 year, 10 months ago
Yes, you can use any project created with the Free version and export with Pro to any available export format and resolution.

For casual use and to practice, you can finish some projects with Free, purchase a month license and export everything to the formats you wish.

From time to time there've been promotional discounts on Year or Outright licenses which might be worth waiting for if you're interested and not in a hurry.

Have a look to licensing FAQ under Help on top of this page.
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Re: Lightworks not licensed despite payment being made. 1 year, 10 months ago #183942

  • Matt Sandford
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  • 1 year, 10 months ago
FathomStory wrote:
Please see this link and explain to me what is going on, then:


Hi FathomStory,

We have received your email to EditShare and have replied to you explaining the situation and offered to help resolve any misunderstanding, but so far, we have not received a reply from you.

We appear to have been told the same information from PayPal regarding it being a fault of the other party and as such, were unable to proceed further with finding out more information. To this end, we issued you with a complimentary Lightworks Pro license to address the issue in the interests of customer service.

You can view your system and license here: www.lwks.com/activations (you will need to be signed in to the website) This shows the license we issued you, along with it being active on your system.

Your screen grab shows you have the Lightworks Pro license enabled (please zoom in to the text at the bottom of your screen grab) The time remaining is the time till the complimentary license expires.

So, Lightworks Pro is enabled on your system with the license we have given you. As I stated in my reply, if there is still an issue then we are happy to work through this with you to resolve it.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Lightworks Product Manager

Re: Lightworks not licensed despite payment being made. 1 year, 10 months ago #183951

  • FathomStory
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  • 1 year, 10 months ago

I have taken the initiative of forwarding all pertinent emails (including issues with Paypal) to "Jakkor" on August 17th and 20th.

At the time I was using Windows 7 and installed the Lightworks license on it but had coincidental issues with the OS (blue screen of death). I did receive a notification from Lightworks software that once you install the program, you are licensed to that machine/OS exclusively. Whether it is the software or my hardware (I will give Lightworks the benefit of the doubt), I had to then wipe my hard drive and do a fresh OS install (not Windows, which I am glad to be rid of). I then tried some Linux distros and had several failures with installing Lightworks (as documented on this forum) until Lightworks beta finally ran on Ubuntu 18.04. So I could not even use the license for several days as I tried install permutations. That said, being able to run Lightworks in Linux is a major selling point for me and a step towards a more stable system once I found the right distro.

Being new to Lightworks software I had some issues with the way my footage was labeled (smaller resolution, alternate container--which may have been an import issue). My colleagues here (also) told me my account did not have a "pro designation", which denotes I do not have the pro software. It turned out my colleagues were misinformed and that I do have the pro software, just not the label as such. I got angry on false pretenses.

I have since went back to further editing in Lightworks and think it a fine piece of video editing software. I will chalk up (most of) these software issues with pro to my ignorance with the program and offer an apology. I have had a difficult time getting things to run, am backlogged with work and flustered. Now that I seem to be getting the hang of Lightworks (Pro), which I need, I ought to catch-up with work speedily.

Lightworks licensing does needs to take into account the struggles of new users and be more understanding. Sometimes we need to find the right hard/software combination to get things running properly. Sometimes new users get hardware upgrades as we move from being midrange editors to pro. The right software can facilitate this transition.

I am eager to pay for my subscription and continue to catch up with my work and am anxious not to have another Paypal issue. I can also forward the paypal correspondences to Editshare for review.

It is a shame that the additional BorisFX/Grafitti programs are not available for Linux, but am relieved to have a functioning video editor for now.

With apologies and gratitude.
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