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TOPIC: Screen captures and playback speed adjustment.

Screen captures and playback speed adjustment. 10 years, 3 months ago #7651

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  • 10 years, 3 months ago
Here's a tip that I just worked out. When using screen capture software you normally don't get real broadcast frame rates.

I downloaded a stopwatch timer for Windows from here www.xnotestopwatch.com/download.html#download (free one at the bottom of the page) set up a typical layout of something you might want to capture, get Wink set up and ready to go at the resolution that you wanted. Start the timer, start your capture (Wink in this case) and do the stuff that you wanted to do while the stopwatch is kept on top of everything else. Finish the capture after several seconds (or longer) and review the stop watch counts. Go in a few seconds on the capture because they almost always take a few seconds to stabilize. Start counting frames for one second, now you know what the captured frame rate is under those conditions. Take that captured frame rate, divide by your project frame rate and you have the adjustment needed to make the capture last the correct length of time (because you may be trying to sync it with other material).

In order to change the playback speed, put the clip in a timeline. Click on the advanced button and enter your correction factor in the percentage box. Don't forget to render things before applying any other effects or tracks on top of it. You may even want to go grab the rendered "slow motion" clip from the folder where you placed it and bring it back into the project to make sure you have the duration correct and it will work with your other material.

This whole procedure only really works when you bring in the screen capture as a sequence of stills. If you found a way to bring in a video file of a screen capture then this may not work.
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