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TOPIC: Insert and Lessons in Lightworks

Insert and Lessons in Lightworks 1 year, 1 month ago #152349

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Hello internet friends,

I remember in LW 12 I could hit shift while bringing in a clip and it would insert, so nothing downstream would be affected and it would just fill empty space. Is there a new way in LW 14?

Also, are there any people here who can give Lightworks lessons personally? Because it seems less time consuming than watching all the videos when I want to get something done quickly. I live in Austin, Texas but I suppose Skype with video where I can show the screen with my phone could work remotely? If anyone is willing to help out I can pay by PayPal and I guess respond to a DM with my personal email address.


Re: Insert and Lessons in Lightworks 1 year, 1 month ago #152353

  • hugly
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Insert is still available using the mouse. Drag the clip first and press <shift> before you drop it. The difference compared wiht V12.6 is that the gap isn't closed, right-click onto the gap and select "Segment Commands.Close gap" to close it. Ctrl+Drag will copy the clip, <Shift> works the same way.

Keyboard commands might be faster and more precise, X-key to delete (CTRL+C to copy, that’s new in V14) a marked section into clipboard and F-key to insert (or G-key to replace) at playhead position.
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Re: Insert and Lessons in Lightworks 1 year, 1 month ago #152364

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You can also treat a clip in the timeline the same as one in the bin. Place the playhead where you want to insert the clip, then drag it out of the timeline into the sequence viewer, it then inserts at the playhead.

Unfortunately, you do need to close the gap. This is unlike lightworks, which traditionally reduces the steps for a procedure. Hopefully, it will return to the previous arrangement of automatically closing the gap.

Usimg the traditional keyboard method, mark and park, delete with "x" and clipboard insert "f" at the playhead's location, doesn't leave a gap.

I notice on P89 of the new full V14 User Guide (now in downloads > documentation) has the traditional shift method, so I assume the current closing gap situation is a bug.
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Re: Insert and Lessons in Lightworks 1 year ago #152380

  • lghtwrks
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  • 1 year ago
I've filed an report some days ago about that.
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