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TOPIC: ShuttlePROv2 working with Linux !

Re: ShuttlePROv2 working with Linux ! 5 years ago #106529

  • olav216
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  • 5 years ago
Here's mine:

[Lightworks] ^Lightworks - [^[*]*$

# This is for the Jog wheel
JL XK_comma
JR XK_period

# This is for the Shuttle ring
S-7 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "7"/U
S-6 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "6"/U
S-5 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "5"/U
S-4 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "4"/U
S-3 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "3"/U
S-2 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "2"/U
S-1 XK_Shift_L/D XK_Control_L/D "1"/U
S0  XK_k
S1  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "1"/U
S2  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "2"/U
S3  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "3"/U
S4  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "4"/U
S5  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "5"/U
S6  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "6"/U
S7  XK_Shift_L/D XK_Alt_L/D "7"/U

# This is for the upper buttons
K1 XK_v
K2 XK_b
K3 XK_x
K4 XK_p
K5 XK_a
K6 XK_j
K7 XK_k
K8 XK_l
K9 XK_s

# This is for the lower buttons
K10 XK_p
K11 XK_Control_R/D "z"/U
K12 XK_minus
K13 XK_equal

#This is for the side buttons
K14 XK_i
K15 XK_o

To get the shuttle ring working with this shuttlerc, I'd need to go to my Lightworks's 'Key Assignments' and assign these shortcuts to their respective command rows.

Command		Key		shuttlerc
Play (-50%)	Shift+Ctrl+!	S-1
Play (-70%)	Shift+Ctrl+@	S-2
Play (-90%)	Shift+Ctrl+#	S-3
Play (-200%)	Shift+Ctrl+$	S-4
Play (-400%)	Shift+Ctrl+%	S-5
Play (-600%)	Shift+Ctrl+^	S-6
Play (-1000%)	Shift+Ctrl+&	S-7

Play (50%)	Shift+Alt+!	S1
Play (70%)	Shift+Alt+@	S2
Play (90%)	Shift+Alt+#	S3
Play (200%)	Shift+Alt+$	S4
Play (400%)	Shift+Alt+%	S5
Play (600%)	Shift+Alt+^	S6
Play (1000%)	Shift+Alt+&	S7

Lot of work, I know, but I get very good shuttle playback this way. No lags.
Also worked on Windows, too.

Also, I've discovered that this will work in any rooms I'm in.
[Lightworks] ^Lightworks - [^[*]*$

It doesn't need the other lines (the load and resource line; that was for Cinelerra's extra windows).

Lightworks 12.5 only does two different windows; that first window one when one first open Lightworks, the project browswer (the shuttle script switch to [defaults] for this one) and then, after clicking on a project, the 'Lightworks - Room #1' window, the 'Lightworks - Room #2' window, the 'Lightworks - Whatever', etc.

The button layouts, I took from another post, so it'll look familiar to some of you.
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Re: ShuttlePROv2 working with Linux ! 4 years, 11 months ago #109331

  • rolandklose
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  • 4 years, 11 months ago

is there any .shuttlerc that worked like in the demo video for the ShuttlePROv2?

My Problem: I've the ShuttlePROv2 for several years and so I've no Win or Mac cfg for Lwks to compare. I'm also not shure, if this is useful.....

Also it would be nice to get the Symbols for the Keys on a paper to print and cut out.


Re: ShuttlePROv2 working with Linux ! 3 years, 5 months ago #154260

  • abourget
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  • 3 years, 5 months ago
I wrote a new driver, in Go, that handles modifier keys. It really augments de ShuttlePRO on Linux.


It also adds support for a Slow Job (I use it with nudge frame forward and backward).

Re: ShuttlePROv2 working with Linux ! 5 months, 2 weeks ago #223505

  • Oldorange88
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  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Hi abourget, could you please help me with shuttle-go and my Shuttle Pro v2? I managed to configure everything but unfortunately the M1 and M2 buttons still doesn't work i searched the lightworks forum as well as your documentation and google couldn't help either. Please, can you help me?
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