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TOPIC: Problems with Aspect Ratio in Playback

Re: Problems with Aspect Ratio in Playback 2 months, 1 week ago #191303

  • jwrl
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  • 2 months, 1 week ago
I've just created a new effect that might help with the horizontal softening as you stretch the image. It's a directional unsharp mask which you can find here. Start with the default settings first and adjust the "Mix" setting. Then play with the other parameters to fine tune should you wish to experiment. Like any unsharp mask, it can't put back what's gone, but it can subjectively help.

To learn how to install custom effects, see CUSTOM EFFECTS INSTALLATION.
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Re: Problems with Aspect Ratio in Playback 2 months, 1 week ago #191332

  • DirectorPaul
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  • 2 months, 1 week ago
Just back on the computer and have downloaded and unzipped the unsharp mask, for which many thanks. I'll have a play this evening and report back.

Re: Problems with Aspect Ratio in Playback 2 months ago #191427

Problems now sorted with your considerable help, for which many thanks. I've stretched the image horizontally (I used 2.5 on the X scale as it seems to result it little or no distortion) and then played around with the very useful unsharp mask you supplied. To be honest, it made only a marginal improvement, but my problem was largely the quality of the original home movies. I gave up on trying to improve on some transfers from ciné film shot in the 1950's! I'm sure the unsharp mask effect will prove quite useful in the future.

I may return to it when I have more time and run the movies through it again. Trying several attempts is quite time consuming and I have to factor in whether my children and grandchildren will ever bother to look at these movies very much. I'm editing them into files that are easily accessible and much more watchable in order to maximise the chance they will be viewed.

Lightworks has been brilliant for this and my thanks to everyone who has helped me on this forum.


Re: Problems with Aspect Ratio in Playback 2 months ago #191430

  • schrauber
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  • 2 months ago
Assuming that it is an import problem (ie more horizontal pixel information is contained in the imported file itself):

The quality problem with this method is that horizontally compressed importing can result in the loss of horizontal information that cannot be fully restored to an effect by subsequent stretching.

This problem can be minimized by choosing a much higher export resolution than the resolution of the incorrectly imported media. I hope you have chosen the highest free-export resolution (720p).


Just to avoid misunderstandings:

Are you using the latest version of Lightworks?

DirectorPaul wrote:
... I've also run the problem files through Handbrake to attempt to re-format them, but same result.

You're talking about the imported file, not the exported file?
Which settings did you try?
Did you set a fixed aspect ratio in Handbrake and which one?
Deinterlacing if necessary?
Mainly automatically translated
Windows 10, 64 Bit
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