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TOPIC: Why is my pc so bad???

Why is my pc so bad??? 4 weeks ago #175220

Okay, so a few years ago i decided i needed a new laptop. i am very into pc gaming but don't have the space in my room for a desktop computer. I use an acer aspire 8735g laptop. It was a second hand and pc repair shop. I asked the man what laptop he suggested for gaming, movies etc. He showed me this one and said it was around one thousand pounds brand new (around 1400/ 1500 dollars). Anyway he gave it to me for 500 pounds and i thought i got a good deal out of it. Anyway i didn't really install many games for the first few months and just used it for general use. i wondered why it was farely slow so i decided to restore the computer to factory settings, yet again it is still very slow. I have done a reset to factory settings like every few months to try and keep my computer as fast as possible but its really slow. It can't even run runescape without almost crashing.

Here is some information about my laptop: Processor- says intel centrino on front. when i look at device manager it says intel(R) core(tm)2 duo

system- 64 bit

Graphics card- NVIDIA GeForce GT240M

Hard drive- 320gb

Is my computer bad, shall i just buy a complete new one.. im only prepared to spend around 500- 600 pounds on a new laptop and i would like one that could easily run say skyrim, battlefield, wow, runescape etc without lagging.
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Re: Why is my pc so bad??? 4 weeks ago #175223

  • hugly
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  • 4 weeks ago
Hello and welcome!

Your specifications are far below the recommended and below anything I'd ever suggest for video editing, but that doesn't say much, because performance when editing depends on the material used.

My suggestion, download and install V14.5, and use internal proxy workflow.

Proxies are files with low resolution and bitrate, created from original media (or from intermediates). They are used to increase performance when editing.

With V14.5:
To create proxies: Right-click on the source viewer (or onto a selection of clips in Project Contents) and select "Media.Make proxy". Progress bar shows progress. Wait until proxy creation is finished.

To enable proxy editing: Click on "Project" upper left hand side to open Project panel and make sure that "Video.Output.Playback media quality" is set to "Lowest availableā€. On export the original files will be used automatically for best possible quality.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Why is my pc so bad??? 4 weeks ago #175231

  • schrauber
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  • 4 weeks ago
Adelaide4110 wrote:
... but don't have the space in my room for a desktop Computer ...

Are you sure?
There are also small Dastops.
If you have an HD TV with HDMI connection, you already have a monitor.
This would give you a brand new computer with much more power for less money.
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Re: Why is my pc so bad??? 3 weeks, 5 days ago #175337

  • ArteD
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  • 3 weeks, 5 days ago
I built my Lightworks station in 2012, running Windows 7. It is still the one I use today and still runs fine with Lightworks.

Lightworks is generally not resources intensive.
I'm not employed by or officially represent Editshare or Lightworks. I'm just a Lightworks user.
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