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TOPIC: FX graph node craziness FX graph node craziness 3 days, 16 hours ago #203276

  • frevi
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  • 3 days, 16 hours ago
Fairly often I have multiple FX graphs operational at the same time. This occurs, for example, when I am creating titles that have multiple words in different locations on the screen and they need to fade in/out at different times, and they overlap (timewise). I like to make the graph for such words roughly like rising and falling S-curves, so a total of maybe up to 8 nodes per FX. It's simpler than it sounds even (see attached screen shot). When I am creating/adjusting the graphs of such keyframed FX, sometimes I want to delete one of the little nodes (white circles) I've added to adjust the FX level. If I click on one of the nodes and that node gets filled in with white, indicating that it's selected, and I then press the [Delete] key on my keyboard, usually, most of the nodes on all of the FX graphs I have open either seemingly get deleted or their values changed - in other words, all the graphs get scrambled. Occasionally it works as expected and just the selected node gets deleted. Usually if I press the minus icon to the left of the graph in question, the selected node and only that selected node gets deleted (the expected behavior). But not always, like if it's one of the original nodes on the end, those usually don't get deleted even if there are plenty of other nodes in the graph and it would not cause any singularity for it to be deleted. I would want to do that if, for example, I had managed to get the other nodes exactly where I want them and the end node is superfluous.

Also, once I have gotten all my graphs adjusted just the way I want them, sometimes I need to shrink the associated FX, i.e., move the start or end cut without moving the other cut. This can happen if I do this to an associated clip. When I do that, the FX graph should shrink horizontally in proportion to the amount that I've moved the cut, or at least I should have the option to set it to do that, as opposed to simply truncating the graph which results in my having to basically recreate at least half the nodes in all the graphs. I guess that's a feature request. Back burner that one.
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Re: FX graph node craziness 3 days, 13 hours ago #203300

  • briandrys
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  • 3 days, 13 hours ago
The delete key on your keyboard has a different key assignment in Lightworks, so don't expect it to delete. Please look at the key assignments P238-249 in the V14.5 User Guide, which can be found in downloads > documentation

Re: FX graph node craziness 3 days, 10 hours ago #203309

  • hugly
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  • 3 days, 10 hours ago
Ahh, your initial post contains a lot of information, difficult to find and focus to the essentials.

I think, to work efficiently with keyframes, reading the related manual pages carefully first (188.192) is mandatory. A bit of practice afterwards helps getting familiar with it. I can imagine that after reading the manual and practicing, most of your questions are answered.

With the remaining questions come back and ask.
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