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TOPIC: Use Blender as Assistant Application (Currently OSX Specific)

Use Blender as Assistant Application (Currently OSX Specific) 4 years, 7 months ago #109485

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  • 4 years, 7 months ago
After digging around for plugins, effects, and assistant applications that work with Lightworks, I discovered a python script that was written by dahnielson called BlenderCompAssist.
Basically it reads the sources-list and parses the data to Blender, along with a .blend file of your choice, so that the clips are automatically loaded into the Blender compositor. Pretty slick. Unfortunately the python syntax was outdated and unusable, so I rewrote the script, adding a few features and making it OSX compatible.

Here's what the script can do right now:
Reads the sources-list and project file, and sends the data to Blender so that the clips are automatically loaded
Script searches for a “default” .blend file in it’s working directory if no .blend file is listed in the project file
Script imports all files in sources-list as video nodes and clips (including their start frames) for easy integration with Blender's Compositor, VSE, or Movie Clip Editor.


0: Have Blender and Lightworks installed

1: Download the attached .zip file and extract the contents to a location of your choice, It shouldn't matter too much where you run it from. I put it in the Lightworks directory in a file called "Blender"

2: Go into Lightworks and use the 'add assistant application' dialogue. Name it, make an output directory, and (if you can) point it to BlenderCompAssist.py, the file you just extracted.
Most likely Lightworks won't let you select this script in the Add Assistant dialog box. You can get around this by selecting a random executable, (on OSX, /Applications/Calculator.app/Contents/MacOS/Calculator works fine) and then closing Lightworks and changing the file path manually by going to your Lightworks/Preferences folder and editing UserSettings.txt to reflect the proper file path. The script requires that it be named "BlenderCompAssist.py" to work, so don't mess with that.

3: If you want to, make a project in Blender that you want to use to edit your video clips, make sure it exports video to the proper output directory, and save the .blend file in the directory that BlenderCompAssist.py is located.

4: Start Lightworks again, add some video clips, and then add your assistant application effect to a strip. In the effects window click "list sources" to build the sources-list, and if you don't already have a default .blend file in the directory with BlenderCompAssist.py, click the "project file" to add a path to a .blend file (otherwise Blender will open up in it's default scene)

5: Hit "launch", and if you did everything right, in a moment Blender will launch, and your video clips will already be loaded into the compositor!

It should be noted that while I changed ‘sources-list.txt’ path in the python script to be OSX-specific, you can change this depending on what OS you use and where Lightworks is installed. The default is "~/Lightworks/Projects/sources-list.txt", but that will only work on OSX, and maybe Linux, so you may have to change it.

Also, I cannot guarantee that the code will work on all platforms. I tried to make sure that the python dependencies were satisfied on all OS's, but I may have missed something. If the code doesn't work, try running it in terminal and see what error messages it spits out.

Please remember that I didn't create this, dahnielson did. You can thank him, not me. All I did was tweak it a bit.

If there are problems with the script, or the code needs updating or rewriting, don't ask me just go for it. I'm leaving Lightworks and going back to Blender as my all-in-one, open source, video production suite.

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