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Would be nice if a program existed to do exactly this, but doing it "by hand" is a good way to continue to get myself familiar with lightworks =)]]>
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Help to find music theme for a gemmology project - by: sphene
I am using LightWorks since now 3 weeks
I am trying to create some small video (50 sec maximum) for an education channel (in french) who could be translate as
"Journey to the center of a gem"

The idea is to zoom inside a gem in order to give exemple of classic "inclusions" in different natural stone.

Some exemple

I am only using the "Image Key" feature on high resolution pictures taken with macro photography under natural light, transmitted light or polarized light.

I am searching some music "free" that can fit the theme ... metalic, natural, ...
If someone has an idea, it would be great

Thanks for any possible help.]]>
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my latest adventure - by: funbun [video][/video]]]> Community Showcase Fri, 08 Jun 2018 01:35:40 +0000 Latest Lightworks Edit enjoys 6000 views in just 24 hours - by: Craig Marshall
Based part way along the line, we decided to 'chase' 6029 with six differnt cameras ranging from aging broadcast HD interlaced equipment to modern 4K devices and smart phones.

The ensuing 8 hour Lightworks Edit and 8 hour Finish session in DaVinci Resolve resulted in a seven minute 'Highlights' video which was simultaneously published to both Youtube and Facebook, both at HD resolution. The latter FB clip has now enjoyed over 6000 views in just 24 hours with the YT version lagging well behind. FB profiling indicates the video has been very popular with the 'over 65s' FB demographic...

The technical story detailing our post production challenges will be published soon in RedSharkNews.

Facebook version:

Youtube Version:

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11 second video of little song, animated, sort of - by:]]>
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A quite satisfying compilation video made by a tea/hot choco lover... - by: nathanprescott

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