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In order to practice using Lightworks as well as the Boris FX package and Fusion 9 plugins, I embarked on a project using Star Wars theme and some material. First and foremost; all of this is done for my own personal use and for the purpose of practicing my skills. In no way do I wish to infringe on copyright laws so mods if you decide that this thread could be then feel free to remove it. The reason I want to post here is to get your opinions and feedback on what I could do better and more efficiently.

Now my first part was to create a VFX of a lightsaber. Here is my first render of such, and yes, it is yours truly holding the saber. After holding the hilt, I added the FX using Fusion. The clip is 10 seconds, therefore has 240 frames. I painstakingly nudged the effect almost at every frames, skipping some near the end to see what would happen. I now realize that I will have to correct the effect in each and every frame. Also, the lightsaber could have been longer and a bit wider and the glow toned down a tad as well. Am still working on the chromakey to get it to work with the glow. (still working on it jwrl)

I have read and viewed videos about rotoscoping. For the life of me I do not see a difference... or am I viewing poor videos? I am aware that at some point rotoscoping will become necessary. Any and all input and criticism most welcomed. Thanks]]>
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The River Explorer Ep. 1 Blue Creek - by: funbun Community Showcase Mon, 03 Dec 2018 14:58:24 +0000 My latest video - by: SgtDannySgt
Have been learning Lightworks and adding more effects as I go along. Here is my latest. Any input and comments always welcomed.

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A two player gaming perspective video - by: NeoN_thriller
I would like to here what you think Editing wise about this video. Do you have any ideas or suggestions to make it better? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Many Thanks,

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