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A lot of the footage is unfortunately very shaky, but sometimes travelling light and not lugging tripods etc. around are a necessary compromise! (Also was using the free version at the time so this is a 720p export. File download recommended )]]>
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Still trying new things. - by: JimDaddyO
The learning curve continues, but I am having fun trying things. I don't think I will ever be a "pro", but for You Tube, I think I will get by....eventually.

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Songkran 2018 - by: fishmonger
I don't do a lot of editing (as you can no doubt see!)

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Farewell Video For Children's Leader At Church - by: Brotuulaan

This is a video I made for this Sunday to thank our children's leader for her time spent at this church. She's stepping down because of family health issues, and we wanted to send her off well.

The video clips were recorded by parents on their cell phones, so the video quality and start/stop points were a bit hard to work around at times.

Music from CC: "Little Idea"]]>
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