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When I am in the editor and I play the clips (any clips, doesn't matter size or anything), the video and audio will play for a second or two and then the audio cuts out, causing me to have to pause (can't edit what I can't hear). When I play again, I get another second or two and then need to repeat the process. Then I need to stop shortway into my clip, go back and edit what has 'buffered" (I know that's not the term, but its the most closely related thing to my issue). If I pause and play too far into the clip, I start to lose the "buffer" I already did at the beginning of the clip.

I am not hardware savvy, but my bf is and he just spent a week backing everything up, creating a recovery disk and wiping everything but it hasn't done anything to fix this problem. I'm at a loss. I am now way behind on my work (not being able to use the computer for the week) and I can't keep having my production time quadrupled. I didn't have this problem a month and a half ago, but I don't know what changed.

Having looked around the forums, I tried creating a proxy but 1. I don't know where the proxy goes (It's not in my clips menu) and 2. if the proxy is still the same clip (essentially temporarily overwriting it), that didn't work.

Please help.

Also, if this is somewhere else in the forums, I apologize but I didn't know exactly what to search for.

Also: I am not editing huge clips. I am editing small 2-5 minute cell phone clips with one clip that's 9 minutes, that have been converted through EyeFrame Converter to "Mpeg2 I-Frame HD - Proxy Quarter Size - Deinterface."]]>
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