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Im very new to video editing in general and Lightworks in particular, but Ive started learning and enjoy it a lot!

Ive ran into a problem where some of my clips in a project get a different in/out timing when I export the project that I need help to solve.

Ive searched the web and forum and found similar topics but nothing that solves my exact problem so I really would appreciate some help.

My projects consists of clips from my DJI Osmo Pocket camera. Normal clips are 25fps and so is the project itself as well, but Ive also used some slowmotion clips from the same camera that are 30fps. All were imported to the project in the same way by simply dropping them into LW and then made proxies as my PC is too slow to handle the originals when editing.
My understanding was that LW could handle different fps in the same project and during the edit-process there were no obstacles and I could insert and edit the clips into the timeline to my liking. However the problem arose when I finally exported the finished project and the in/out editing for all my slowmotion clips is messed up. The duration of the clips is same as edited, bu the in/out is earlier than Ive edited.

Ive noted that the timeline in my slowmotion clips don’t show time figures but only a series of >>>>>>> marks. What does this mean?

What do I have to do to make the corrupted clips in the exported video to match with what I actually edited?
(It’s a rather long project so I don’t want re-make the whole project, only change the slowmotion clips, or preferably just make some setting tweaks.

Thanks for your help in advance!]]>
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1080p avchd files not working - by: mantases
Thanks for the help]]>
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Speeding up video clips - by: Cadence The Ghost Trying to speed up the frame rate of my video. I looked at some other forum topics on it and tried what they said, but I guess it was for older versions because it didn't work on mine. How do I speed up my video?]]> Editing Sun, 12 Jan 2020 03:16:06 +0000 Can I extend the last frame of a media clip somehow? - by: thesunray
Maybe this exists already and I just don't know how to name it or use the right search terms?

Thank you!]]>
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Can I import a project, not its media pieces, into another project? - by: thesunray
My application is a simple "endcard" with about 5 pieces of content. A video, a photo, a tune, and two audio voice files. Currently, I have them in a folder and add each individually to my new project, then adjust them and slide them to fit. Each time.

Is there a way to have them all collected together in a "group" so that it can all be plopped directly into the project as a working "endcard" unit? Without the fiddling?]]>
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Sometimes I can't add a transition, why? - by: thesunray
To create a transition I usually hover between the two clips and right click, then choose "Transition > Add" from the menu. Should I be in the video editor for this?

Just confused as to why this message is happening when I'm using decently long enough clips.

Thank you!]]>
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Copying - by: James_Barton44 Editing Wed, 08 Jan 2020 16:52:18 +0000 Compression - by: rodav I thought the best way to go would be to first individually fix the format of them (using format Fixer) because I find it hard to think of where to insert etc when looking at upside down and sideways videos.
I tried this on the first video but then can only save the "righted" video by exporting it which reduces the size of the video by more than half. I tried doing it on Movie maker but it also makes the video size less than half.
Are both of these programs compressing the videos and reducing the quality ?
Righting this video made the image smaller, is this why the file is smaller ?
Is there a better way to do it ?]]>
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Render marked section does not render entire timeline? - by: G0bble If I mark the beginning to end of timeline with in-out and choose render marked section it only renders the first clip. Why is that?

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[Solved] Trimming: Where has my split preview window gone? - by: timzett Anyway, I don't find the setting anymore, to revert to the following:

Suppose I start a trim by unjoining, using one of the following keys (or the respective mouse/Alt key sequence): q, u, e, r, t, y, u.
In the past then my preview window split up, so that I saw the current frame of the clip left to the cut point on the left pane, and the current frame of the clip right to the cut point on the right pane. This is a very important thing, in order to predict the final result of your trim.
Currently my preview window stays the same and in one, which means I only see the first frame of the clip right to my cut point.

I want to get the previous behavior back, means the one where I see both sides of the cut point I'm working unjoined.
How to achieve this again?]]>
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When moving a video with 2d DVE, it has a duplicate of the background in the video. - by: itssky Heres what I did, I green screened the clip, then I added the DVE. Any way to remove that duplicate of the background and still be able to move the clip above it?]]> Editing Tue, 31 Dec 2019 21:19:02 +0000 what is the rule for multiple video tracks / how to see the underlaying track? - by: kalimerox
I have the problem that sometimes, to see a video that is underlying another video, I can uncheck the upper video, to see the video underlying. and sometimes this doesnt seem to work.. is there any way to get a good workflow for that?

so it looks like that and i would like to edit a bit back and forth between the two video tracks (I know there are better workflows involving multicam bins for doing that..)]]>
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Yearly question on timelapse - by: jaccoermers
my yearly christmas timelapse video means struggling with commands again.

-Video the kids with a gopro
-Insert videos into one sequence and remove the audio.
-Find begin and end point (mark)
-Pick a audio track

So far so good. Now for the tricky part:
-Squeeze the marked video selection from the video sequence (40min??) into the audio track.

I marked the video sequence and the audio track (even added a empty video track) and tried Alt-V but it doesnt seem to work. Is this because I try to squeeze a sequence into a sequence?

My dirty solution: export the video sequence, and then put it on the audio track. but not how it should be .....]]>
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Can't import video file into software - by: krystal1256 Editing Tue, 24 Dec 2019 09:07:43 +0000 Audio is a few seconds behind the video - by: keithvalenza
My video amounts to little more than a vlog (it is a scam baiting video), so I have no idea how to get everything in sync. It did the same thing in preview as well, but it seems to work fine when I play it on Quicktime player.

Any ideas?]]>
Editing Sun, 22 Dec 2019 03:09:08 +0000