Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Fri, 25 Sep 2020 18:31:51 +0000 Kunena 1.6 components/com_kunena/template/default/images/icons/rss.png Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum en-gb Shutter Encoder - Settings & Tweaks - by: hugly Shutter Encoder to create a highly compressed format with balanced quality and editing performance. If you're converting for frame rate, activate 'Conform by', select 'Drop' and the frame rate from the drop down menus next to it. To save a preset in Shutter Encoder, press Ctrl-S.

After tests with a wide range of source media, I find that the settings are a good compromise between encoding speed, file size, quality, and editing performance. The editing performance doesn't compare with any kind of common I-frame based intermediate formats though, but that's the price for small files.

If performance appears to be low with the converted files on your system, check out the internal proxy workflow.

Instead of setting the parameters manually, you can use the attached preset. Press Ctrl-S to reveal the location of the 'Functions' folder and unzip the attached file there. To select a preset, click the asterisk next to the button 'Cancel.]]>
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Lightworks to Go - by: hugly
The most reliable way to edit one project on different machines is using project backups including all media on a mobile storage device, updating the backup prior to moving, and restoring it prior to editing on another system.

The procedures are by no means intuitive and there are some traps you should be aware of.

This is the basic procedure to prepare ('Master' is the machine initially used to import media, 'Slave' any other computers supposed to edit the same project):

Step 1: On the Master, make sure that no clip shows media offline. To do that, add the column 'Media location' to the list view and sort by media location. All locations must be valid, i.e. none is blank or shows a path in red letters. Correct missing of offline media, if necessary, before proceeding.

Step 2: Make a New project backup from 'Project.Make backup..' and include all media.

Step 3: On the Slave, restore the archive and check the media locations the same way you did it on the Master. Under normal circumstances all media are copied from the archive to your local media location and none should show an invalid path.

Now, assuming that all locations are valid, your are ready to go for editing on either system, but do it never ever simultaneously on different computers.

After editing is finished on one system, Update the existing project backup on the mobile device including all media. This writes all modified metadata and newly imported media to the backup and skips the existing. Prior to editing on the other system, restore the project backup. Restoring from backup creates a new project in the project browser. It skips already existing media and adds newly imported. You can safely delete the existing older version or you can keep it, if you need a project history. If you keep it, make sure to use always the most recent version. Renaming older versions may help to avoid this error.

What are the most common traps?

1. Missing to check on the master for all media being online will create offline media on all Slaves as well.
2. Missing to make a backup of the most recent project state will lead to different versions of the project.
3. Missing to restore the backup prior to starting editing will lead to different versions of the project.
4. Removing relevant internal media locations from 'Project.Media.Locations' on any of the systems will lead to offline media.

Are there more traps?

Yes, there are some incompatibilities with project backups created with versions prior to 2020.

1. Images linked directly to the Image effects are not included in project backups.
2. MP3 Audio may not be poperly relinked.
3. Audio embedded in MP4 files may not be properly relinked.
4. Imported single images might be stored as image sequences in the archive.

Please note: I've posted this already during the beta phase of 2020.1, but decided to withdraw it due to an issue I wasn't aware of which is not listed here. The issue seems to be fixed, so I hope everything works reliably as explained.]]>
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