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I've been using Lightworks for just over a month now but still learning a lot as I go along. I've come across an issue that I haven't been able to find an answer for online.

I'm working on a project that should end up being 16:9, but I have an individual clip that I need to adjust the aspect ratio for. Unfortunately the clip I was recording was from a 90s video game and my PC stretched it to 16:9. However the original cutscene itself was already 16:9 with black bars to fit onto a 4:3 screen. What I've ended up with is a stretched letterbox video.

What I would like to do is unstretch the video and then remove the black bars above, below and to the sides. This'll leave me with a 16:9 clip with no black bars that'll fit in with the rest of the project.

Is there any way to make these adjustments to a single clip? I've found settings where I can change to project aspect ratio to 4:3 and remove black bars, but this is going to affect the rest of the project which is something I do not want.

Can anyone offer advice or do I just need to go the long way around and render that individual clip into a new video with the changes and then reinsert it into my project?

Thank you for your help.]]>
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