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From a LW user perspective, it has some nice features:

  1. The large ring around the red trackball is a scroll wheel.
  2. The buttons can be chorded: pressing the top two or the bottom two at once gives you a fifth and sixth click.
  3. The accompanying software allows specific customization per application

So first I put into config.dat the new setting from the latest Beta, that allows the scroll wheel to be used for timeline scrolling.

Then I configured the buttons and their chords for LW:

In this config, it works surprisingly well as an editing device.

You can Mark and Park using the scroll wheel, and most importantly you can do precise trimming by opening a trim with a mouse click then precisely adjusting it with the big scroll wheel.

It's obviously not a console replacement by any stretch, but certainly improves the interaction with LW.]]>
Console (LWMouCon) Thu, 04 Mar 2021 09:13:47 +0000