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However, I have one major complaint and or question regarding the latest version. That being that the Local Files button/file/tab has been moved into a separate Libraries menu. Where in the previous version it was conventionally placed at the top of the screen next to Project Contents where it was very easy and quick to switch between the two.

Now I have to minimise the Project contents menu and open the Libraries menu to search for files I want to use. This takes a lot more time and to be honest is out right irritating.

Please see attached pic so you can see what I mean.

Can I ask is there any way of changing this back without downloading the old 14.6 Version at all? Reason being I source all my files via the local files tab and having to switch back and forth between Project Contents and Libraries is very time consuming.

Also, I noticed that the Lightworks and ending its association with Boris soon. Does this mean my Boris FX Plugins will stop working, as I use them a great deal?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards.]]>
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Most trivial request of all time - by: geomcd1949 GUI / display / keyboard Thu, 21 May 2020 21:46:12 +0000 Used Lightworks logicKeyboard for sale - by: japes Never been used still in original packaging. $89.99 + shipping within the USA.
Leave a comment if interested.

Details: go to then KEYBOARD

Dear Admins: Please suggest if posted in the wrong section/redirect. I just want the keyboard to be of use to someone instead of just collecting dust.]]>
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