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but it didn't solve the issue. Also a separate issue I have is that when it's loading, it stops for ages on "loading plugin: r3d" and I read somewhere else on here to put "r3d.lwd" on the desktop, which seems to have solved that issue. I'm not sure if it's anything to do with the crashing issue, but it was working ok before I got a new harddrive and therefore the latest operating system, Windows 10.

I've attached my Backup log. Any help would be appreciated, as i'm hoping to use lwks for a project soon! thanks.]]>
Starting and Exiting the application Wed, 04 Apr 2018 15:03:54 +0000
"Lightworks Editor Application has stopped working" crash when opening project - by: Andre Teh
I just started using Lightworks and I'm new to the program. I've been working on a project for a few days but now I can't open it. I could see it in the project browser, but there was no image in the thumbnail. Another project I have can be opened. When I double click on the problem project, I get a "Lightworks Editor Application has stopped working" error message and Windows searches for a solution. It then doesn't find one and the only option is to click a button saying "Close program".

I browsed this forum and I cannot figure out how to create a room (I tried hovering over my project thumbnail and clicking the gear button in the project browser and I don't see this option - there is only "restore this item from backups" and "delete" under the gear icon). I clicked items under the "Deleted" tab in the "restore this item from backups" window at random and clicked Restore, I get "1 item has been restored" dialogue box but I still can't open the project.

I went into the Projects subdirectory and renamed the Rooms folder to Rooms 1. I then reopened the program and see that there is an image in the thumbnail. Double clicking it gets the same error message, but now there is a new Rooms folder in the Projects subdirectory. I deleted Rooms 1 (which had different contents from the new Rooms folder - the new Rooms has just one PNG file and the old Rooms 1 had a bunch of other things).

I have attached the metadata of one of the video files as well as my Logs folder in a Zip. I am on Windows 8.1 on an Aftershock P17SM laptop. Processor is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz, 16GB of installed RAM, 64-bit processor, x64-based processor, graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600. I downloaded Lightworks from the official site 2 days ago so I suppose it's the latest version. I am in Singapore.

Please help me, as I don't want to have to start my project all over again. Let me know if you need any more info.

Starting and Exiting the application Fri, 30 Mar 2018 21:15:05 +0000