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Backing up a project is allowed only one time a session !!!!
I back up a project using the following paramaters.

Project backup, include local media, include linked media, if archive exists Update

I can save the project which requires 202.0Gb of disk space. The second time I save in the same session I get an error
“There is insufficient free disk space on the destination drive (523.Gb available 5.3Tb required) Failed - disk full or disk quote exceeded.”

I have to exit Lightworks and restart it to make a project backup.

Not sure if this is a catalist for the issue
This is a local project at /home/jpb/audiovisual/Mabou/, It contains the folders G0001000 GA0 P001000 PA0HR0GC Resousces WaveformData a File DefNetDrive.txt pointing to /home/jpb/Lightworks/Media/. There is no folder /home/jpb/Lightworks/Media/ ????

There is a DefNetDrive.txt file in /home/jpb/Lightworks/ pointing to /home/jpb/Lightworks/Media/

I wonder if Lightworks is as confused as I am?]]>
Lightworks on Linux Sun, 09 Jun 2019 17:43:20 +0000
Timeline has gone blanks - by: funbun
All the content is lost, about two weeks worth of editing and grading. The clips are still in the bin, but the timeline is totally empty the sequences are totally empty. How do you begin to recover that.

It's like it forgot all the edits I made. What do I do?]]>
Lightworks on Linux Wed, 05 Jun 2019 17:43:38 +0000