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Is it possible to search for empty 'Reel-ID' and replace it with the content of 'Name'.

In general, is there any kind of string functions, operators, variables accepted, or is it just searching for the string under 'Search for:' and replacing it with string under 'Replace with'.

If the latter, is it possible to export the full metadata structure, in order to make changes with third party software and import/replace the existing all at once. I see 'Save to text file' and 'Batch update..' but I have no idea how to use those to accomplish the task or even if both are related somehow. Why? Well, because there's no documentation either.]]>
Miscellaneous Wed, 12 Aug 2020 11:02:29 +0000
Not only for video mechanics and and gaming nerds - VMAF: The Journey Continues - by: hugly
How will Netflix members rate the quality of this video — poor, average or excellent?
Which video clip looks better — encoded with Codec A or Codec B? For this episode, at 1000 kbps, is it better to encode with HD resolution, with some blockiness, or will SD look better?
These were example questions we asked ourselves as we worked towards delivering the best quality of experience for Netflix members. A few years ago, we realized that we were unable to answer these questions effectively by simply relying on “golden eyes.” Expert viewing was not scalable across content, encoding recipes, and the overall output of our encoding pipeline. It was possible to deploy existing video quality metrics, such as PSNR and SSIM at scale, but they fell short of accurately capturing human perception. Thus, we embarked on a journey to develop an automated way to answer the question, “How will a Netflix member rate the quality of this encode?” This was the birth of VMAF.]]>
Miscellaneous Mon, 10 Aug 2020 11:20:34 +0000
When can we expect the new alpha/beta of Lightworks? - by: Danas_Anis
I know I am impatient, but knowing what should be coming to the next major Lightworks release it is becoming less easy to wait.

Are there any estimations?
And would it be possible to make this version install as a separate program alongside current Lightworks?]]>
Miscellaneous Mon, 10 Aug 2020 10:34:19 +0000
A fresh take on multiscreen video - by: jwrl

A very creative solution to the problem, don't you agree? And before anyone asks, no, we couldn't do that in Lightworks. We could do elements of it - the resizing, the edge effect, a page turn of sorts, the angled cropping, the selective masking and revealing of colour - but the whole thing was done in a single 3D application, Blender.

One can only guess at how long it took to do!

[NOTE: I have tried to post only the link, because the video can't be played directly on another website. Unfortunately our forum software refuses to let me do that. Right click on the image, copy the video URL and paste it into your browser to play it on Youtube. It's definitely well worth a look.]]]>
Miscellaneous Mon, 10 Aug 2020 01:03:38 +0000
Intermittent stop/start while playing a downloaded video - by: Fruitbatty I've downloaded some water-feature videos from pexel which played perfectly, without any stops/glitches, on the website itself. However, when I added them to a Lightworks sequence and played them back some of the videos stop and start as though there's a lag (or something?) which is really annoying because I can't have other than perfect videos in my work. Why does the video stop/start while playing an otherwise perfect video?

Also, if I find a video to download and want it to run again, such as a loop, how do I do that?
Can I copy a whole sequence and loop it?

Thanks very much!]]>
Miscellaneous Wed, 05 Aug 2020 13:19:43 +0000
Co-creator of the mouse has died - by: briandrys]]>
Miscellaneous Tue, 04 Aug 2020 13:53:31 +0000
Sad tidings - by: Jpaulbiss Miscellaneous Sat, 01 Aug 2020 02:11:39 +0000 Which came first? - by: hugly
What do you think?]]>
Miscellaneous Fri, 31 Jul 2020 12:50:17 +0000
Need help: 'mcmj2kdecode_plugin.dll' - error referring to not existing plugin [issue] - by: hugly
How can the link library, mcmj2kdecode_plugin.dll, which doesn't exist physically on the file system with V2020.1, create a message that it cannot be loaded and initialized (see log attached)? Is there a known fix for this error?

At the end, export fails, but I'm not sure that this is related to the missing plugin.

Could it be that the message block below is related to an unexpected location of the temporary system folder used when exporting some formats, with the consequence that export fails with the message 'Failure'?

2751.343 : 0:45:47.323 M415:add_sample failed, code -89
2751.349 : 0:45:47.330 Could not bufstream->auxinfo().
2751.349 : 0:45:47.330 [AAC] PutBytes failed (2)
2020-06-08 09:11:54.865: ---- writeSurface failed

Edit: All this refers to the problem discussed here:]]>
Miscellaneous Thu, 30 Jul 2020 05:06:00 +0000
This device makes it easy to keep distance.. - by: hugly

Miscellaneous Sun, 26 Jul 2020 07:26:53 +0000
H.264 licensing - by: hugly]]>
Miscellaneous Sat, 25 Jul 2020 08:36:52 +0000
Exporting - by: Fruitbatty I've just created my first video and am in the process of trying to export it to Youtube. A: it's taking AGES and B: why does the process (orange line) continue long after the end of the video has ended. Should I have to indicate, somehow, the end point of my video? Thank you!]]> Miscellaneous Fri, 24 Jul 2020 08:01:35 +0000 Many thanks + Pieces to Project - by: marjensenmusic
This first video was supposedly "easy:" I did all 3 verses in one take.
The next video I want to edit is shot on 3 different locations for 5 verses, with some mistakes to be edited out, and 2 cameras running for two of the locations. It will be a quilt, of connecting pieces into a project.

I know this sounds aggressive for a 2nd project. Before I start, I thought it wise to ask advice to save time later:
1. How powerful is LW audio editing? Should I edit the sound in a separate program, such as my familiar Home Studio by Cakewalk (that I've used since 2008--it's old), or Audacity, (just recommended to me last month)?
2. Is there any way to link the separate sound I record from my zoom to the video, so that the two will not get off by a few frames, if I am clutsy with an edit? There were two places where I have no idea how I cut out 6 video frames and 2 audio frames, in different spots, which took hours to rememdy.
3. Are there tutorials you would recommend I watch before digging in?

Many thanks to all. Wish I could have you over for burgers & smores 'round the campfire.]]>
Miscellaneous Thu, 23 Jul 2020 21:58:24 +0000