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(Please read the Terms and Conditions and EULA outlined and tick the box to say you agree with them.)

It is strongly recommended that users backup their project folder before installing any new Beta build of Lightworks.

This latest build adds preliminary support for the new Blackmagic RAW files. We are scheduling to release 14.5 within the next week or two. Please do check your workflows to make sure everything is working as you expect. The full list of Features and Changes in this latest build can be found in the : Changelog pages

Some of the exciting new features in version 14.5 can be seen below:

  • Added export option to Reaper (Lightworks Pro only)
  • Added Histogram Graph to the Video Tools panel
  • Added support of variable frame rate files (.mov .mp4, .m4v)
  • Added support for handling .MOD and .TOD files
  • Added ability to adjust RED R3D RAW metadata parameters (.rmd)
    • Added individual clip R3D decode settings panel next to the Metadata panel in Log view
    • Added project wide R3D Decode settings to the Video tab of the project card
  • Added new GPU precision options
    • Added 16 bit replacing 10 bit
    • Added 16 bit Floating point
    • Added 32 bit Floating point (Windows only)
  • Added support for media structures:
    • Added support for XDCAM HD folder structure
    • Added support for AVCHD folder structure
    • Added support for GFCAM folder structure
    • Added support for JVC folder structure
    • Added support for IkegamiFieldPak
    • Added support for GOPRO/FlipVideo/Canon folder structures
    • Added support for chunked Canon XF clips
  • Added support for Fusion 8 on Mac
  • Added support for decode of Cineform codecs
  • Added support for exporting/transcoding to Cineform AVI/MOV (Lightworks Pro Only)
  • Added voice over support (Linux)
  • Added Mackie MIDI support (Linux)
  • Added ability to acknowledge project wide LUT setting on export
  • Added ability to set a Ranged Cue Marker (Start and End point)
  • Added new trimming functionality to prevent a trim being extended beyond the media available at the head or tail
  • Added ability to "slide" an effect crossfade trim so that the trim can be moved up/down the timeline
  • Added support for Quicktimes with Alpha Channels on Mac, Linux and Windows 64bit
  • Added ability to restore deleted clips from Milestones (which restores the entire clip with media link)
  • Added right click "Render" option for clips in the sequence timeline in both layouts.
  • Added ability to export a bin of contents to XML and JSON
  • Enhanced the Media tab of the Project Card
    • Added ability to set Proxy creation settings
    • Added ability to set Transcode settings (Now removed from the Import cogs menu)
  • And much more!

Submitting Feedback
To submit feedback on issues found in the Beta versions:

Please make sure you have searched for the issue before creating a new thread, this should help stop duplicate threads being submitted. The more feedback we get, the faster we can resolve issues.

The Redmine tracking system will be remaining offline for the foreseeable future.

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