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Currently, the following columns in the Cue list are automatically filled with content:
- Timecode
- Name

It might be helpful if additional information that already exists in the system could be displayed optionally.
Here is an example I created manually:

It is a Sequence with the "Show clip-cues" option enabled.
As at the moment, both the Cue added in the sequence and the Cue in the source items are displayed.
I have now added some column containing information about the cue type, and in which element this cue was placed.
This makes it possible, for example, to sort the cue in the list accordingly, or to highlight it with the search.

The beta version allowed me to create this metadata (thanks for this new feature), but I had to enter the values for each cue manually.

It would still be interesting if some features from the project content manager were also made available in the cue panel. So you could use filters to display only certain cue types, or from certain source elements (e.g. only cue from a music audio).
Also, manually adding the same text, value into a previously marked number of table cells with only one input, would also be helpful in the Cue Panel.]]>
Feature Requests Wed, 20 Nov 2019 16:32:38 +0000
PRO RES EXPORT - by: grassroots thanks]]> Feature Requests Tue, 19 Nov 2019 06:17:42 +0000 Separate last-saved destinations for Project Backups and video Exports - by: SepiaStudios
I've noticed that the last-saved Folder destination for Project Backup exports and video Exports are the same. I love how Lightworks remembers my last export destination, but on my system I export Project Backups to a separate hard drive (and certainly separate folder) than my Export, so when I make a backup then export a video it defaults to the project backup folder and vice versa.

Would be awesome if those had separate, independent last-saved destination!]]>
Feature Requests Fri, 15 Nov 2019 18:32:35 +0000
4K Modern GUI design update - by: SepiaStudios
I've been really heartened the last few weeks getting on the beta for Lightworks 14.6 -- there are lots of little, smart changes that compound to make the NLE feel more powerful and more intuitive. It's exciting! Kudos!

The one, major thing that I would love to see in Lightworks going forward is an update to the GUI design itself, especially for 4K displays and above.

There's so much I love about the design language in Lightworks -- custom context menus on right-click, Flexible mode, the red Shark (and that's saying nothing on the trimming and editing tools themselves) -- but whenever I leave the NLE and pop into Resolve* or Premiere I feel a little disheartened coming back. On a 4K display especially: Premiere's GUI is just so much sharper and my eyes have to adjust a bit coming back to Lightworks. It could be my scaling settings (curious if anyone has better luck than me) but I've run into problems even with Sharking a window and then the shark taking forever to to go back to its position.

I know FCX got a lot of flack for its GUI when it came out, but when I see screenshots of it in use now I feel a little envious. It takes a lot of resources to make a major visual overhaul like that, and I will happily prioritize form and reliability when editing a feature film over how modern the interface feels, but first impressions are important and the graphic design in Lightworks feels 10-years behind to me (which makes me nostalgic and I kind of love it, but yeah).

Earlier this year a friend tried out Lightworks -- they're new to editing, and I was curious what they thought because they were the first other person I knew who tried it. First thing they said was "the interface is a little dated, but I think I'm getting the hang of it."

I'd never expect LWKS to look exactly like FCX or Resolve, but there are different design paradigms that can feel super modern too (Ableton Live is a great example of a minimal GUI that feels very modern) and in 2020 I'll always be wondering when Lightworks will get the chance to shine in a new way.

*Resolve scales quite poorly on my display settings (can either be huge or tiny) but the interface, at the very least, always feels contemporary.]]>
Feature Requests Fri, 15 Nov 2019 16:58:18 +0000
3D DVE Built In To Image Key Effect - by: Matthew_T Feature Requests Tue, 05 Nov 2019 23:16:32 +0000 keyboard shortcut - by: geomcd1949
and Insert Black -- 1 minute]]>
Feature Requests Fri, 01 Nov 2019 23:44:51 +0000
Z-cam ZRAW in Lightworks? - by: funbun Feature Requests Fri, 01 Nov 2019 13:03:31 +0000 The wish for no Boris packages - by: haraldthi I use Linux, where Boris is no easy option, I tried Boris FX on Windows ones and found the package confusing and not very well maintained either, and besides I have little interest in these things so for the last (nearly) four years those licenses have been lying around unused. I wonder if Editshare pays anything for this and, in case, could the money go towards development of OpenFX support so I can have plugins that I actually use work inside of Lightworks? Integration with Blender and Ardour/Mixbus would also be great. I'd be happy to mark "Feed a hungry developer" instead of any of these Boris packages.]]> Feature Requests Thu, 24 Oct 2019 21:28:40 +0000 GUI zoom with the mouse wheel: Please use the mouse position for centering. - by: schrauber
If the mouse CTRL button is held down, I can zoom in on the effect routing, for example. In Beta 14.6 this is also possible in the project browser "Local projects". Thanks, this is very helpful.

I would find it even more convenient if the mouse position would determine the zoom target (centering, positioning of the zoom). This would allow you to zoom in very quickly without having to reposition the zoom.

Edit: Of course, it should be ensured that no part of the zoom leaves the edges of the GIU.

Just to compare what I mean:
On a shader basis, the simple code in the user effect "Zoom out, zoom in" does something I mean.
Edit: Applied to the GUI, however, it would still be necessary to clamp the position between 0% and 100%, or something similar.]]>
Feature Requests Wed, 23 Oct 2019 13:30:12 +0000