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In this thread I described a strange interaction between the 3D DVE effect, and user effects that use multiple position parameter settings:
schrauber wrote:
PolyMask effects:

After I added a 3D DVE effect behind a PolyMask effect in the routing, the adjustment behavior of the position parameters using the points in the preview window changed extremely. A minimal change with the mouse, lets the parameters jump far into the negative range. When I disable the 3D DVE effect, the behavior is as expected. See the video for details:

For me this strange interaction looks like a Lightworks bug, but maybe @khaver, @jwrl, or someone else sees a problem in the PolyMask code?

jwrl test it in the following post of this other thread.
jwrl wrote:
.. I don't believe that the problem lies with the effect. I'm not sure that it could even be described as a bug in the Lightworks effects engine, but is more of a side effect of the way that the pins are displayed on screen. ..
... but I would be happy if this unexpected and unwanted behavior would not occur.

I could imagine that it would also happen with other types of effects that use multiple position parameters, but I haven't tested it.]]>
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BTW it's Alt + Space on the keyboard.]]>
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