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Global scaling of all clips of one sequence isn't always desirable. To work against input scaling, DVE type effects must be used, not so simple to adjust precisely for people not aware of the details of the scaling logic, together with global zoom settings and letterbox.

I suggest adding a DVE type effect with just one input (to avoid the complexity caused by mixed resolutions on multiple inputs) and supposed to be used as first in the chain to override (or at least to compensate) the input scaling, meaning it allows scaling from the original frame dimensions, same as the Image key effect.

If this is implementable as modification of the existing DVEs with two inputs as a switch to override input scaling, even better.]]>
Feature Requests Mon, 19 Apr 2021 12:45:50 +0000
Global Zoom Facelift [feature] - by: hugly
Instead of implementing those settings as they are, I suggest changing the nomenclature and adding new features. Please consider replacing the existing with

1. The pull down menu 'Input scaling' with the entries 'Full Frame', Match height', Match width', 'Stretch' and No scaling (1:1).

2. The slider 'Zoom' to establish customized partial zoom (to replace the current fixed partial zoom).

'Match height' replaces 'Displaying wide as narrow'.
'Match width' replaces 'Displaying narrow as wide'.
'Stretch' stretches width and height anamorphically to match the display/export dimensions.
'No scaling (1:1)' disables input scaling.

For clip export (and matching clip preview) without first creating a sequence, it might make sense to have those settings twice (together with some others) on each sequence and globally on the project card. The global settings apply to all players and batch export of clips and subclips (not sequences). The sequence settings are local to each sequence.

Edit: I confused 'Displaying wide as narrow' with 'Displaying wide as narrow' (as so often before) and corrected that, together with some typos.]]>
Feature Requests Mon, 19 Apr 2021 10:27:25 +0000
Sequence TC cross over midnight [feature] - by: hugly
If the duration of a timeline exceeds 24 hours the timecode is reset to zero. This certainly matches the legacy SMPTE TC specifications, but might lead to undesired side effects.

Why no adding a day counter to the sequence TC in such a case? Resolve does it.]]>
Feature Requests Sat, 17 Apr 2021 11:09:37 +0000
simple filename on exports - by: lghtwrks it's hard to say which one to stop.

Feature Requests Fri, 16 Apr 2021 13:59:51 +0000
Custom metadata when using "Add to" or "Move To" to another project. - by: schrauber When I want to add new custom matadata to a project, I can use "Copy from project" in the project tile. If I don't do this step, but add clips with e.g. "Add to", potentially contained metadata is not added.
I think it would be helpful if Add to, Move to and Archive would automatically add this metadata to the project. As far as I know, a project backup does this, but I have not tested whether archives of sequences etc. also do this.

Whether in a future implementation this automatic copying with "Add to" etc. should be deactivatable by the user? ... I do not know.]]>
Feature Requests Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:25:27 +0000
Applying transitions to selected segments [feature] - by: hugly
Would turn this:

Into that:]]>
Feature Requests Tue, 13 Apr 2021 13:18:19 +0000
General implementation for Live Cut (in) Sources via standard Bins (special for overdubs) - by: lghtwrks and should only serve as an illustration how to cut in audio live...
* had to fix fps for all audio tiles/print etc. ("a/v still must have same framerate?") etc. *too much going on on the screen just for inserting audio tiles ...

the simple solution afaik would be:

lwks has some shortcuts (like "live cut sources")
"live cut from bin sources 1"
"live cut from bin sources 2"...
"live cut from bin sources 0"
- no need for any additional setup.

you put the audio tiles in one bin (the bin name is just active)
and just cut them in on "play" via shortcuts

1) select bin with eg 8 audio sources
2) just press play button (record viewer/edit)
2) press one of the "live cut from bin src 1-8" shortcuts
3) lwks "inserts" the tile _while_ playing (every time: actual src tile-playhead position until the end***).

hope it is quite understandable ,-)


ps. of course it could be enhanced eg. with "use alternating tracks: eg. <2> or <8>"
-> every sfx gets on an own track (8 tiles, 8 tracks) or alternating (<2>)
"use 1 track" everything goes to one audio track for tirmming later
use "use fixed track per tile": tile 1 gets into a4, tile 2 into a5, tile 1 again to a4 aso.

*** use "mark and park" from audio tiles > just pre-selected audio gets in on each keypress ..

Feature Requests Sun, 11 Apr 2021 11:40:44 +0000
Apple Quicktime: HEVC with alpha channel - by: hugly

Certainly a niche and mainly useful for web application, but perhaps supporting it on import might be beneficial?]]>
Feature Requests Mon, 05 Apr 2021 06:11:59 +0000
x-rite color-checker, color-target - by: martin1950 Feature Requests Fri, 26 Mar 2021 15:13:00 +0000 Unbuffered nudge commands [feature] - by: hugly
The current nudge commands are buffered, i.e. when turning the Jog-wheel on the Shuttle with nudge commands assigned to it and the frame refresh (read: the time to display the next frame) cannot keep up with the signal frequency, the frame refresh continues until the keyboard buffer is empty, it "overshoots" depending on media and system performance.

Would it be possible to add a set of nudge commands which empty the buffer with each displayed frame? This way, the effective max. frequency of subsequent nudge signals would never exceed the frequency of frame refresh and it would stop as soon the wheel stops turning. Perhaps something similar on Jog commands would improve its usability as well?]]>
Feature Requests Tue, 23 Mar 2021 17:43:18 +0000