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Currently, the following columns in the Cue list are automatically filled with content:
- Timecode
- Name

It might be helpful if additional information that already exists in the system could be displayed optionally.
Here is an example I created manually:

It is a Sequence with the "Show clip-cues" option enabled.
As at the moment, both the Cue added in the sequence and the Cue in the source items are displayed.
I have now added some column containing information about the cue type, and in which element this cue was placed.
This makes it possible, for example, to sort the cue in the list accordingly, or to highlight it with the search.

The beta version allowed me to create this metadata (thanks for this new feature), but I had to enter the values for each cue manually.

It would still be interesting if some features from the project content manager were also made available in the cue panel. So you could use filters to display only certain cue types, or from certain source elements (e.g. only cue from a music audio).
Also, manually adding the same text, value into a previously marked number of table cells with only one input, would also be helpful in the Cue Panel.]]>
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Hope fully this is something easy but I cant work it out!

I have downloaded a lovely snow flurry clip which I am trying to overlay on my xmas video.

I have inserted the clip and used the masked blend to mix them together. Works wonderfully except for the fact that the snow is falling black! Looks like we are down a coal mine!
I have tried to change the colour of the video but that just changes the overall look of the video not the snow.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong please?

Thanks so much!

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