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22 Sep 2020 17:15


Another option would be to have an "accept errors - make transition" option - to allow the editor then to use trim commands to make good the overlaps. The idea of an auto-remove-the-same-length-from-both-sides can be a bit simplistic - critical on screen actions mean the solution might involve sliding the transition.

All fix-ups that can be easily achieved once a transition, warts and all, is in place.

It remains a good idea to be warned.
Category: Effects
22 Sep 2020 15:12

David Rasberry

I like the idea of the insufficient media message providing an option to "trim "X" frames needed from incoming/outgoing media" that can be executed with a yes response to the message.
I don't like the idea of Lightworks automatically doing the trim without a message as that takes creative control away from the editor.
What if there are critical frames in the overlap region that you don't want to lose to the effect? Maybe a cut or a shorter transition would be a more appropriate choice.
Category: Effects
22 Sep 2020 10:57


Deleting just creates unused media, which is what is needed for an overlap.

All the solutions are listed here, plus how to avoid the issue in the first place.

Category: Effects
22 Sep 2020 10:45


hugly, thank you! It worked for me. I didn't realize deleting would help.
Category: Effects
28 May 2020 06:16


Being able to access the User Guide from within Lightworks would assist many users. It's pretty easy to follow compared to some other guides.

A hint card triggered by the transition "Insufficient media" warning may also help.

Just quickly looking at this issue on the best selling NLE, the freeze frame solution seems to be flagged up to users by the program and appears to leave some confused by what it means.

Part of the issue may be that transitions in the timeline are shown symbolically, in a manner which is similar to how film editors would mark up a film cutting copy, This would consist of two overlapping fades marked in chinagraph or grease pencil on the film, with the splice in the centre.

What this means during the printing with A and B roll film negatives there would be a fade out on one roll and a fade in on the other roll, resulting in a dissolve in the final print. Which what the NLE does under the bonnet with it's digital media equivalent, using the project logs. Mentally seeing what's going on as the NLE processes the information laid out timeline should assist in solving difficulties.

BTW The NLE is actually easier to follow, than the traditional photochenical workflow.
Category: Feature Requests
23 May 2020 14:54



Try this, you can undo it later: Move the timeline marker from the cut two seconds to the left and press the I-key to set an in-mark. Then, move the timeliner marker 4 seconds to the right. You have just marked a section of 4 seconds duration, two seconds to the right of the cut, two to the left. Now, press the X-key to delete the marked section. This creates overlapping material. Apply a dissolve of 60 frames centered.

Does it work?
Category: Effects
23 May 2020 14:39



Thanks for replying. As I've understood it, I've done everything that is required of the sticky (that I consulted before asking the question originally). I have *plenty* of media for both the first clip, and the second clip. If I butt-end them together I can never "centre here" a Dissolve - I can just about understand this I think. The problem is even overlapping the clips on separate channels or the same channel creates the same problem.

Each time I click at the cut point to add a Dissolve "center here" and I get the same response. What am I doing wrong?!
Category: Effects
28 Jan 2020 15:13


briandrys wrote:
Users having issues with insufficient overlapping media isn't unique to Lightworks.

Of course not, it's caused by the nature of transitions. I'm not talking about the problem, but the solution. Nevertheless, I have a certain feeling that software which can survive a decade with transitions on cuts with insufficient overlapping material without showing any message, might even survive a further decade with a stupid message.
Category: Feature Requests
28 Jan 2020 14:48


hugly>> you are wise enough to know one person's "simple" is another person's "stupid"

Briandrys>> thanks for link.
I'm accustomed to separating clips to be transitioned into A and B tracks. Overlap is perfectly obvious here.
Your suggestion of having handles on your clips is key to single track transitions
Using a dissolve to transition two abutting segments on 1 track seems like either
1) a quick shortcut for non-critical segments
2) something a novice user would find handy
And yes, we continue to be productive into our 70+
Life expectancy remained around 40 for centuries until 1900 when it started to ramp up - now it's almost double that.
Category: Feature Requests
28 Jan 2020 14:28


jwrl>> There are 3 retirements:
1) When you stop doing what everyone else wants to do and do what you want to do
2) when you slow down and look at the world, being less convened about producing
3) final retirement (this is to be postponed as much as possible)
Best wishes on your new endeavor
Category: Feature Requests
28 Jan 2020 05:15


Users having issues with insufficient overlapping media isn't unique to Lightworks. The best selling NLE has it as well, although I gather it now allows the display of a secondary timeline that shows the A and B rolls involved in the transition, so that users can see where the frames are missing.

The best solution remains ensuring you have "handles" on your clips, so that you don't need to delete frames or slide segments in the timeline to create an overlap. Doing the latter two operations changes the timing of your edit in the timeline, which might create other issues in the edit.
Category: Feature Requests
28 Jan 2020 04:17


Some of you might know that I'm a declared enemy of the current solution. Other software shows that there are much better solutions.

Success of modern software is based on the rule "Keep it stupid and simple". The pure existence of those reoccurring discussions about insufficient overlap suggests that the solution cannot be simple, but it could well be stupid.
Category: Feature Requests
28 Jan 2020 03:46


I've tried to explain the requirements for transitions in this thread. www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=7&id=143120&Itemid=81

It's the concept that half of the media in a transition overlap isn't in the timeline when it's created, but in the bin that needs to be understood by new users. If there's no unused media left, then they'll have to create some by deleting frames in the timeline.

Getting your head around this can take a bit of thinking, since it's not as physical as doing the same with film. With that you remove the frames from the cutting copy and put them into the bin. join the two film clips with the spicer and mark in the dissolve (two overlapping horizontal Vs) using a chinagraph pencil. So it's a bit easier to see, but you still need to understand the overall process and workflow.

Regarding working age, there are now quite a few people now working into their 70s. I know one staff cameraman who is still working after 55 years in the job for a well known broadcasters,
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 23:49


I officially retired in 2016, but was called out last year for a large effects project. I've just got off the phone, having been approached about another job. I'm thinking about it.
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 22:42


Indeed!! - Automation is cool, up until we become dependent and then enslaved.
Started working in defense while still in college 1964 (class of 66).
Retired in 2006.
Wedding videography was a sideline. Still do portrait photography.
Using LW to experiment with editing stills to music.
Your notions are not lost on me. sir.
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 22:31


And don't get me started on the reliance on spell checkers! You sound like you're close to my vintage. I started in this industry in 1963.
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 22:14


jwrl, I DO understand.
Cashiers no longer can "count up" from total to amount tendered, when returning the difference. They are dependent on prompt from electronic register.
Hardly no one knows how to operate a clutch anymore.
Pretty soon, only a few will know how to parallel park without an "assist".
Few people can drive well in reverse.
I do get it.
I used to edit on analog gear - performing facial morphs on bride's pictures with genlocked cameras on the bench and a video mixer. All of these are a lost art.
When I started in computing, computers where programmed with patch boards.
I've seen the transitions from early programming languages to asp.net.
Now, my software philosophy is a little different.
The computer is here for us - We're not here for the computer.
(and thank you for inspiring a walk down memory lane )
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 21:47


jwrl, thank you for very useful insight.
This is for proposed user actions following a "fix" to "insufficient overlapping media" message, (?) as I understand it.
It seems that "showing a red section" is a less than complete fix (new user needs to understand even more than before).
IMO a better fix would be to propose either a solution for the most likely scenario or display a panel with proposed number of frames to trim from left or right and length of dissolve.
Assuming we let the user modify these values and accept result or cancel altogether, we would have a faster dissolve edit with reasonable options covered. This would help new and old users alike, and experts, or course, are free to implement whatever they would have done all along.
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 21:31


True. Then there's also the underlying philosophical issue. How useful is it for the human race to use software that removes the necessity for thought? I amaze checkout staff because I have totalled my bill as I've made my purchases. I don't think the fact that they can't do simple mental arithmetic is progress, do you?
Category: Feature Requests
27 Jan 2020 20:53


We may be at a philosophical impasse.
Just how helpful should software be?
-opt. #1 - it's up to the user to assimilate the software.
-opt. #2 - the software should shepherd the user with proposed/cancellable default actions.
The current message only means something to a user that already know how to avoid it.
This reminds be of an old girlfriend that played hard to get so she would be more appreciated.
Category: Feature Requests
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