The LWKS QScan family of automated QC solutions is available in three packages, to fit any scale of operation and budget. Each QScan product is fully endorsed and approved by the AMWA for AS-11 UK DDP specifications:




Description A robust full-featured entry-level AQC solution that processes one file at a time. Ideal for small post facilities requiring the facility to check the integrity of files on an on-going basis, but that don’t need to check large volumes of media concurrently. Designed for mid-sized post facilities, with different departments such as audio, grading, VFX and editing. Each department can set up parameters to test their files, with up to 4 files being tested simultaneously. Fully scalable multi-node enterprise AQC solution. Each node runs four concurrent scans. Designed for VOD, OTT and Telco companies, QScan Max offers limitless scalability – large operators can test hundreds of files concurrently.
Intuitive web based UI
Multi-user login
Admin or User access
Comprehensive codec support
Full set of test parameters & features
Single Pass Analysis
Built in compliance templates
API support
Worker nodes - -
Concurrent file scans 1 4 Unlimited

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