Powerful tools to simplify media compliance

QScan’s easy-use interface and award-winning engine take the legwork out of file analysis. Available as a standalone system, alternatively API integrated with your existing workflow or media asset management suite, QScan adds effortless QC to your workflow. Robust design and pain-free upgrade options grant clients the flexibility to adapt to changing demands.

QScan’s super-efficient multi-threaded architecture can make full use of today’s fast computing environments, delivering excellent performance with low hardware overheads. Loaded with forward-looking features, QScan provides cost-effective peace-of-mind for production teams of all sizes.

Flexible Licenses
Cost-effective Licensing QScan is available in four flavours, to suit your needs. Licensing is based on how many instances of QScan are running, not what they are running on, or how many CPU cores you need to make processing faster.
Browser-based GUILog into the QScan UI from any location within your facility, or from anywhere in the world. Easily browse projects, manage users roles, configure templates, inspect results on a Visual Timeline, compare multiple files, and much more, through the accessible, intuitive interface.
Comprehensive Analysis Leading-edge multi-format and multi-parameter analysis provides extremely deep insight for a vast array of media. Now with DPX, EXR, TIFF, and optimized JPEG2000 support
AQC Templates
Easy Compliance Templates QScan comes preloaded with templates for industry standards such as IMF. Custom templates are simple to create and adjust.
IMF compliance IMF compliant files consists of an image track, any number of audio tracks, data tracks (Subtitles and captions in IMSC Times Text) and dynamic metadata in human readable XML. QScan ensures compliance according to Application #2, Application #2 Extended, and SMPTE-2121(application DPP) with unique IMF package diagram view.
Comparative Analysis Identify and visually evaluate differences between different versions of the same file, for any parameter, with global timeline view and in-depth detailed view with up to 4 file comparative view.
Custom Macros
Custom Macros Easily and visually create your own macros for simple combinations of parameters (i.e freeze frames that are not black) or create complex future-proof templates combining dozens of measurements.
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