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Affordable Quality Control for All

QScan Multi-UI

The Perfect Starting Point

QScan enables small post facilities or single operators to test their content at an affordable price point, with a simple upgrade path to provide more throughput.

Intuitive Visual Based UI

No need for a technical engineer to test your content. With the QScan visual based timeline, you can easily see the results of the intelligent testing QScan has performed automatically.

Easy to Configure

The entire suite of QScan solutions are equipped with multiple pre-configured templates designed to take the hassle out of delivering files to OTT/VOD or Broadcast specifications.

Highly Compatible

QScan’s powerful API enables you to integrate it into any production workflow

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Why QScan?

Take the effort out of ensuring digital files meet delivery standards

Compliance assured

The QScan family enables your facility to deliver compliance approved content to any location worldwide.

Global formats

With different global delivery formats requested in different regions, QScan has you covered, checking your files, wherever your content is heading to.

Start Small - Scale Up

Whether you’re a one person facility or a enterprise class VOD supplier, QScan has a range of solutions for everyone.

Easy to Deploy

With QScan solutions, you can be up running and automatically testing content in a matter of minutes.

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