New in Lightworks 2020.1

Main Features:

Decode support for HEVC/H.265 files

HEVC/H.265 can compress videos twice as much as AVC at the same quality level. This is particularly important for 4K video, which takes up a significant amount of space with AVC. HEVC/H.265 makes 4K video much easier to edit, stream and download and now with Lightworks you can edit this format natively or create proxy files from the footage and work smoothly until switching back to Hi-Res to render/export the sequence.

Auto-detect and rotate mobile device footage

Video content is regularly coming from mobile devices and these devices include metadata regarding the orientation of the camera, ie, which way up the camera is being used. Lightworks can now detect and read this metadata allowing the footage to be correctly rotated to show the image as you would expect to see it, no more extra steps or effects are required, Lightworks will sort this all out for you allowing you more time to create your masterpiece.

Support for browsing "Amazing Music Tracks"

Browse “Amazing Music Tracks” extensive music library all from within the Lightworks application, search for the criteria you are trying to match, preview and import the watermarked content directly into your project and sequence timeline.

The watermarked clip allows users to be able to hear and time the music within their sequence, with a subtle voice over announcing “Amazing Music Tracks” throughout playback.

Removing the watermark is simple: exporting a sequence that includes a library audio-clip results in a prompt to proceed with purchasing that content. Once successfully purchased, the watermarked content is automatically downloaded and swapped out with the Hi-res content without the need for making any changes within the project or sequence.

Improvements to Audio Network integration

Similar to that of the integration with Amazing Music Tracks we have enabled the same enhancements with the Audio Network integration. Previously streamed content could be played in sync with the sequence, without actually ever importing the media, with Lightworks 2020 the Lo-Res content can be imported directly into a project and used within a sequence.

When it comes to exporting the sequence a message will appear stating that unpurchased content is present and allow users to proceed with purchasing direct from Audio Network. Once successfully purchased, the Low-res content is automatically downloaded and swapped out with the Hi-res content without the need for making any changes within the project or sequence.

Workflow Enhancements:

Create a sequence from ranged cue markers

Improving the workflow constantly, Lightworks is helping clients work on projects and media faster than ever. Grab your cue markers and create a sequence and timeline instantly.

users can search the Marker panel for the metadata they want to be included in the sequence and then right click to make the sequence based on the search results.

Select multiple items then edit the text for all of the fields at once

Tracking and maintaining metadata is an important function when editing feature films and now we make it even easier to add, append or remove metadata on multiple clips at the same time by simply selecting multiple clips in a bin and changing the metadata in a single field will update the same field on all the other selected clips.

Specify custom metadata mapping on the import panel

Metadata can come into Lightworks in various forms (XML, AAF etc) and it could be that there are content fields from other applications that are similar to those of Lightworks but not exact.

With 2020 those fields can be mapped to tell application how to map those fields to ones that exist already within Lightworks, this can be set on a per project basis or project wide.

Specify custom metadata columns when creating a new project

Adding to the flexibility of Lightworks users can now define the custom metadata fields they wish to see for assets as well as for Cue Markers. This allows custom user generated fields to appear within the bin and on filecards, that can be edited based on the criteria the field was created.

User Interface Improvements:

Clip Selection

Clip selection has been made much easier by simply left-clicking to select/deselect a segment on the timeline (selections turn yellow) or by lassoing the selection required on the timeline.

Once selected, the segments can be dragged to a new position, deleted, removed, copied, made into a new sequence or even have an effect applied or removed.

Clip Coloring

It is sometimes useful to make certain clips show as a different colour within a bin or within a sequence. By selecting all the relevant clips within a bin (this may be based on particular metadata fields) the clips can now be recoloured so they stand out from others both within the bin and on any sequence timelines where they are used.

Thumbnails on the timeline

Editing has been made even easier within Lightworks with the addition of thumbnail images in clips within a sequence, that are scaled based on the size of the timeline, showing the start and end frame of the clip.

This addition allows users to jump straight to a section within the timeline and get a good overview of each cut point.

Operating Systems:

Keeping Lightworks up to date with all the new variants of operating systems is important and with 2020.1 we are pleased to announce support for Ubuntu 19.04 and 19.10, Fedora 31 and Mac 10.15 (Catalina)

Codec Enhancements:

The world of codecs is always being added to and with UHD fast becoming the format of choice, files need to be handled in a more efficient way, being able to transcode UHD media on import to a preferred codec is now possible along with decoding and editing HEVC/H.265 files (see above) This is all made possible with the latest MainConcept SDK’s contained within Lightworks 2020.1.

There is now enhanced support for Blackmagic RAW files, these can be decoded on a per file basis or on a per project basis similar to that of RED R3D files.

Interchange Enhancements:

This latest version of Lightworks has had AAF and XML export overhauled to enhance the interchange between other applications. Video and Audio speed changes are now compatible with Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic Resolve, embedded AAFs can now be successfully imported into a Protools session and multi video track sequences can now be shared successfully.

The Lightworks 2020.1 installer and release notes can be found in Downloads

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