Partners: Audio Network

Add inspirational music to tell your story

Audio Network provides over 100,000 original music tracks for use directly in Lightworks, cleared for use on any platform, anywhere in the world, forever. Users can browse the incredible selection of Audio Network music direct from within Lightworks and stream MP3 audio files directly over their sequence, then register or sign in to purchase directly.

With the ability to search music by style, mood/emotion, instrumentation or production genre, music tracks are available in different timings allowing you to find the perfect piece for a short intro or a 3 minute music bed. And with simple, clear licensing you only pay for what you use and all the music is cleared for use on any broadcast platform from YouTube to traditional television and cinema.

Check out how easy it is to add incredible music your project with Lightworks + Audio Network:

For all you need to know about music rights check out the Audio Network video:

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