New Associates Tab for Assets

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This powerful new set of tools, grouped under the tab-title ‘Associates’, located below the source viewer, offers an extremely quick way of manually linking files together (User), seeing what media makes up a sequence (Constituents), and viewing any alternate variations of a loaded sequence (Versions). It is also extremely useful for determining what media makes up a sync (References) or finding any clips/subclips that are related.
Asset Associations
Associations can be viewed in either thumbnail or list views. The subtabs available under the ‘Associates’ tab vary depending on what asset (clip/sequence/subclip) is loaded into the source viewer above.

Resources and Support

If you experience an issue with your Lightworks installation, or something isn't working as expected, visit our FAQ page at - where you can type in a question relating to the issue and view the search results. If you do not find an answer to your question, you can refer to the Lightworks forums at

The Status window provides useful information for troubleshooting issues with Lightworks. You may be asked to open this when contacting the forums or Technical Support:

Technical Support Contracts
For assistance beyond this document and that provided in your Lightworks documentation, you can purchase a Technical Support Contract for Lightworks from our online shop at Technical Support is by telephone and email.

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