How to Install and Uninstall Lightworks for Windows 

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Installing Lightworks for the first time:

1. Click on the Download 64-bit button
2. Once downloaded, click on the .exe file to open
3. Installer Language pop-up window will appear, select a language and click OK
4. Lightworks Setup Wizard pop-up window will appear, click Next to continue
5. Review the Licence Agreement, you must accept the agreement to install Lightworks (first option) and click Next
6. Choose the Components you want to install and uncheck the components you don't want to install, and click Next to continue
7. Choose Install Location, the default folder location will appear, click Browse to select another folder. Click Next
8. Choose Start Menu Folder, select the folder in which you would like to create the program's shortcuts, and click Next to continue
9. Enter a machine number between 1 and 2703, this should be unique amongst the group of machines that are likely to share edits or clips. 10. Click Install
11. Lightworks will start installing

Once completed, click Finish to close the wizard. Now you are all set to start using Lightworks!

Installing the latest version of Lightworks:

1. Install the latest version of Lightworks into the same directory you installed the original version. By default, Lightworks is installed here: C:/Program Files/Lightworks

Uninstalling Lightworks:

1. On the left end of the taskbar, select the Start icon
2. Click Settings
3. Click Apps
4. Scroll the lists of Apps & Features and find Lightworks
5. Click on Lightworks and then click Uninstall

The uninstalling process will start, and once completed, Lightworks will no longer appear in your App list.

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