Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Sat, 01 Nov 2014 11:28:20 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum en-gb Despite Using EyeFrame to Convert, LW still chops off edges - by: jsm209 looks fine, but after a couple minutes of editing it reverts back and cuts off the edges. It might be because I've kept the original unconverted file but I seriously doubt it. Why does lightworks do this? I've converted the file already, yet it chops off the edges anyways after a couple of minutes.

This is a mediainfo text for the weird file:
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Suggestions for transcoding config for compact video - by: simonhgr
I've been generating some video presentation type material, and I notice that the export format (LW free version) is, shall we say "very spacious". I probably should refer to it as very high quality Indeed, it's larger than the original source material!

I have other videos created with "toy tools" that are approximately 1/10th of the data density (e.g. they average about 3Mb per minute of output, where my most recent LW export is just under 600Mb for 15 minutes).

I don't see any controls on the output in LW (please correct me if I simply didn't find them!) so I'm hoping to use ffmpeg to compress them. There's a lot of video that doesn't have much motion (much of it is actually freeze frame stills), and most of the time when there is motion, it's just my hand writing on a whiteboard, or a screen capture of text editing on a computer.

Any suggestions for a good ffmpeg configuration for this?

Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Fri, 31 Oct 2014 00:47:59 +0000
[SOLVED] ProRes422 export? File size does not seem right. - by: ezeitgeist
I exported a 30 sec ProRes422 file yesterday and it was only 660Mb in size. My colorist said there was no metadata attached to the file and that it seemed extremely small for a ProRes (1080p, 24fps) file.

Any thoughts?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:51:57 +0000
[RESOLVED - BUG] HELP! I just activated the AVID DNxHD addition and now I can't export! - by: ezeitgeist
How do I fix this? I need to export to Bluray and to ProRes422 ASAP.

Thank you ahead of time.]]>
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[SOLVED] Possible to export a single track? - by: ezeitgeist
Mac version, 12.0.1.d.]]>
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Exporting to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 for color? - by: ezeitgeist
Getting weird framing and all sorts of fun stuff after importing in Premiere Pro. Took all effects off the sequence and exported as AAF Lightworks 24. Premiere imported and linked media but the framing is weird and the timing is off, among other things. This is a first timing so I may just have the wrong settings or export. Any help would be greatly appreciated.]]>
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No video in MXF import LW12 - by: nrebelo
I updated the lightworks software to version 12, and none of the MXF files (xdcam) displays the video, only audio.

It was working on version 11...

Any ideas?]]>
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Importing DV Video from Sony VX1000 into Lightworks v12.0 - by: CoolVidCutter
Hopefully, someone can help me with that problem: After I've migrated to Win7x64Pro, I can't use my legacy version of Ulead Media Studio Pro anymore (crashes). So I thought, I'd give Lightworks v12 Free a try.

Unfortunately, it won't let me import DV material (PAL resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio, DV-Video, 25fps, Audio uncompressed PCM 16Bit@48kHz) captured with a Sony VX1000 into the project. To be precise, the AVI just shows up with A1,A2 tracks, no video and the generic "Sound" thumbnail:

Just out of curiosity, I converted it to XviD with VirtualDub and left the audio tracks alone. There, LWKS showed V1,A1,A2 but after import, the video track was entirely black. Next eperiment was "Uncompressed RGB/YCbCr" which actually worked but is no solution since it eats up way too much space on my HDDs.

This is the original file:

But it even gets better (a happy end, sortof): When I run the original DV file through VirtualDub without any modifications (Video: Direct stream copy, Audio: Direct stream copy), which produces

, LWKS correctly recognizes the codec as "D1 PAL 720x576 DV/DVCAM"!

How is that? I'm totally clueless. While that procedure is at least a work-around of some kind, it's going to cost me lots of time (100+ DV files to "fix").

Many thanks for any insights!]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:37:24 +0000
Exported Video / Audio Sped Up - by: deadlugosi
I have attempted to export it in various compression types, bit rates, and sample rates, but have not yet found the magic combination.

Anyone know what's going on and how I might fix it?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 29 Oct 2014 12:23:39 +0000
Importing video with single audio track, audio out of sync and red lining horribly. - by: vinnyfoxtrot [EDITED] Is this a simple fix, I don't want to have to geek out and redownload [EDITED] and 64 bit this and convert that and bla bla bla. I want a very easy answer. Please help.

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Quicktime export - by: mirunn I have a problem exporting Quicktime from my project: I have two different options "MOV" and "Quicktime Movie".
"MOV" has two codec options: UYVY and DVCPro
"Quicktime Movie" has no options at all, just grey field.

I have DNxHD license, QT Pro and running x32 version.
What's wrong?

And another problem - DNxHD mxf exports frow LW as 185(1080p25), but imports to DaVinci Resolve as 145(720p25), any ideas?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Mon, 27 Oct 2014 15:54:27 +0000
There is none of my files shown to import - by: mahtay Just downloaded v12 and when importing from my external HDD the folder I have jam packed with stuff just shows one file labelled as 'PIC.' I can't search through the HDD or anything really. Any ideas?
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Mon, 27 Oct 2014 02:01:49 +0000