Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Tue, 01 Sep 2015 01:47:55 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - Forum en-gb no sound after Import WAV-File :/ - by: Pertineo
Heres the AudioInfo:

Complete name : F:\Stadttauben_Film\Rohmaterial\Sommerfest_Vortrag\Tauben_0002S34.wav
Format : Wave
File size : 483 MiB
Duration : 47mn 53s
Overall bit rate mode : Constant
Overall bit rate : 1 411 Kbps

Format : PCM
Format settings, Endianness : Little
Format settings, Sign : Signed
Codec ID : 1
Duration : 47mn 53s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 1 411.2 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Stream size : 483 MiB (100%)]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Sun, 30 Aug 2015 11:14:47 +0000
How Do You Download A Codec?/Which One Should I Get? - by: cmholt23
I'm having really bad issues with trying to edit a video in lightworks. I'm using Action! to record my computer screen and I want to edit it in Lightworks. Action! allows me to create an mp4 or an avi format video, and I've tried both of them, but when I pull either one into Lightworks it becomes choppy. I record at 60fps and I import it into Lightworks at that. I'm wondering, what would be the best file to record into? What would be the optimum fps? and also, what codec should I download for the transcoding into Lightworks hat will make my videos less/not choppy? and lastly, how should I download/install said codec?

I know I'm a total newb, but I promise if you point me in the right direction I'll get out of your hair.

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard
1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Radeon R9 270X 2GB PCS+ Video Card

Lightworks 64 12.0.2]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Sun, 30 Aug 2015 06:20:34 +0000
Lightworks 12.0.2 trouble importing .wmv files - by: raderd
Lightworks 12.0.2 on Windows 10 could not import these files. The import function delivered a single frame image and no sound.

Tried a number of video converters with no luck UNTIL ...

tada ...

HANDBRAKE to the rescue. This free utility converted the .wmv files to .mp4 which Lightworks did import (make sure transcode is "file") successfully with good quality image and sound.

This note is from a day-one new user.]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Fri, 28 Aug 2015 23:50:59 +0000
Exporting Error where video just stops - by: SRNitro Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Fri, 28 Aug 2015 00:14:57 +0000 Export Help - by: Neb Ironhands Amstradankis Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Thu, 27 Aug 2015 23:23:24 +0000 Does Lightworks import RAW cinema files in the present version? Thank you! - by: jumptolightspeed Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Thu, 27 Aug 2015 16:36:49 +0000 80 Percent of the Video cut of( Black screen= - by: Sederro Today i did it like any other day and 80% of the video ist just black...
Any idea how to fix it? Didnt change a thing...
Edit: With my old videos it still works if I import them!
But if i play the new video on my PC with the media player i can watch the whole thing.]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 26 Aug 2015 18:11:49 +0000
MOV/Quicktime export always fails - by: georgebeker
What are we doing wrong . . . ?

Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:59:25 +0000
Slight audio vs. video desync on export - by: georgebeker

Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:55:44 +0000
lower bitrates possible for export? - by: marko.pekic.radar But, could there be a possibility to also have bitrates lower that 1 mbit/s, because such lower rates are very handy for different types of proxy videos?

Also, this bitrate seems like an overkill for smaller resolutions. For example, I can export a nice looking video at 720p with the size of 10 MB and if I export the same video at 480p, it is still 10 MB in size because of the lower bitrate limit.]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Wed, 26 Aug 2015 10:35:24 +0000
Can I export 2.39 aspect ratio - no black bars - by: jumptolightspeed
My question is how can I export widescreen without black bars. I'm using the free version. I want to go with the pro version but I wanted to make sure I could do this before I pay for it, since a lot of my work is widescreen and I need to output to 1080.


Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Tue, 25 Aug 2015 18:45:32 +0000
Lightworks won't export the edit - no file is being created - by: Atulin
It's a free version, so there's not much export settings I can change. 30 FPS, 480p. Every single time I try to export this file the result remains unchanged.]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Tue, 25 Aug 2015 14:19:07 +0000
1080p 60fps audio desync - by: eugenelee0420 I tried transcoding the video to 25 fps and it played perfectly.
No one wants to watch gaming video in 25 fps, so does anyone have a solution to this?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Tue, 25 Aug 2015 11:36:27 +0000
Video in Preview Window Shakes Up and Down - by: EvilNazgul616
I'm new to lightworks, and I'm trying to make a video. However, after importing a clip I noticed that it tends to shake up and down a few pixels in the preview window, despite the effect not being present in the clip when opened in a media player.

I looked it up, and apparently the solution to this problem is to go to display optimization and change it to frames. However, I can't seem to find "display optimization" anywhere! I eventually looked it up and apparently display optimization fields/frames no longer exists in the newer versions.

So what do I do?

I'm using the most recent version.]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Tue, 25 Aug 2015 03:56:52 +0000
New workflow. - by: donkpow
I am capturing with OBS in lossless H264 with variable frame rate (impossible to avoid). The NVENC encoding turned out to be a bust on quality.

Take that lossless VFR AVC.mp4 video and convert it with ffmpeg to containerized mov (png/mov) and force CFR. Create a proxy (prores) for editing in 32 bit lightworks. Find material to fill (png/mov) on the proxy and export to image sequence.

Import that image sequence to Lightworks 64 bit and Fusion if needed.

Keeping in image sequence avoids banding that occurs in all compressed media sourced from the OBS video.

Encode for delivery with ffmpeg to AVC/mp4.

I haven't tested all of the workflow yet. What do you think?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Tue, 25 Aug 2015 01:30:05 +0000
Beginner problems: Glitchy audio when importing Gopro videos - by: brzrkr
Source video: 1080p 48 fps and 48hz audio sampling (if my google-fu is right) taken by a GoPro Hero 3. It's a 15 minute long video that's 3 GB in size. Every time I play the source video on windows media player there are no issues with audio or video.

I have a AMD Phenom II quad core with 8GB of RAM and a modern gaming video card. I forget the series.

Right now I'm trying to import and edit video I took of driving a Lamborghini on a track. I've opened the new project as 1080p and 48 FPS to match how the video was recorded. Every time I import it, the audio seems to lag or glitch when I play it. It's like it's out of sync with the video. It sounds out of phase and I get regular clicking and chopping out of the audio which eventually bogs down the video.

I've tried fiddling with the settings on setting up the project in the main screen but I haven't come up with something that resolves the issue. Both of the projects I've edited before were from the same GoPro, albeit I think those were taken at 720p. I know export is limited to 720, but I didn't think import would be an issue.

Any ideas what's going on or what I should know about this?]]>
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Mon, 24 Aug 2015 15:27:41 +0000
Exporting Multiple Clips simultanelously - by: Sederro i need to export a lot of Short clips (20 seconds/50-100 clips).Is there a way to just select all the little Clips and export them or do i have to export every clip individually?
Thanks for you help!
Codecs / Importing / Exporting / Transcoding Sun, 23 Aug 2015 21:37:56 +0000