Online Training

Our online training helps you get the most out of Lightworks. All you need is a Windows or Mac OS X system with an internet connection, audio output and a microphone.

We offer three online training options*:

Free Overview Session

Aimed at new users, our free overview webinars offer a free, guided tour of Lightworks, getting you up to speed with the basics quickly. We cover topics such as the User Interface, importing video and setting up a simple edit with titles and effects.

These sessions are available to everyone. Book-in your preferred time and date
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One-on-One Training Sessions

One-on-One training sessions are available online with a dedicated Lightworks Trainer. These sessions are customised to your specific requirements, covering general topics or focusing on specific areas of Lightworks. Each 30-minute session can be booked in advance here, and cost £60.

Group Sessions (Coming Soon)

Group training sessions are available online with a dedicated Lightworks Trainer and cover set topics. These 60-minute sessions are limited to a maximum of 5 people and cost $30 per person, per session. A schedule of session dates and topics is available here and can be booked in advance.

  • Media management, Importing and Export - info
  • Timeline editing and Audio editing - info
  • Effect editing and working with keyframes and FX nodes - info

Pick the topic you want from the options above and click on 'info' to see what's included in each session.

*Please note: These training sessions are not available on Linux operating systems. They are available on Windows OS, Mac OS, Android and IOS.